Yolanda Díaz’s bonus for mortgages will be an aid of 1,000 euros per credit


Yolanda Diaz, vice president and Sumar candidate for the general elections on 23-J, continues specifying her proposals. This Thursday, during her intervention at the summer days of the APIE, she has specified that her bonus for mortgages would consist of an “immediate” payment of 1,000 linear euros for those credits of up to 10 years of life and 250,000 euros of mortgage amount. The measure would be financed with income from the bank tax and would have a total cost -already indicated- of around 1,000 million euros.

Díaz has explained that what is being proposed is a immediate compensation through a bond for mortgages of up to 250,000 euros and an age of up to 10 years affected by the rate hike. “We will enter a percentage that has been conservative of 1,000 euros in compensation to all people with these characteristics“added Díaz, who also explained that this bonus would be paid with the bank tax that began to be applied this year to large entities.

The leader of Sumar has once again warned, in this sense, that with an increase in the mortgage payment of 300 euros and a salary of 1,500 euros per month “it is impossible to live.” “It is urgent to make this proposal because social unrest exists and is real” and involves “risks” for the financial institutions themselves. Díaz has defended that this mechanism it will work against the code of good practice that it is not doing so, since it would only have registered 10,000 applications, compared to the positive impact on one million households that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation estimated. “If it were working, people would not be having a bad time,” added the vice president of the coalition government.

Díaz has also advocated for maintain the State’s participation in Caixabank and for developing public tools that make it possible, for example, to finance large industrial projects.

The leader of ‘Sumar’ vindicates the rises of the SMI

The Minister of Labor has vindicated the increases in the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) and has advanced, that lSumar’s proposal is to continue raising the SMI with the current formulation of the Workers’ Statute.

“I have raised the SMI to reach 60% of the average salary, as recommended by the European Social Charter”, claimed the leader of Sumar, who recalled that the different increases have been carried out with social dialogue. “If we govern again, the SMI will rise again in a deliberate strategy of raising wages”, Díaz has settled.

Sánchez’s proposal falls short

These statements by Díaz clash with those of Pedro Sánchez, the vice president has indicated that the president of the Government “has fallen short” with his proposal to guarantee by law the rise of the SMI to 60% of the average salary.

“Mr. Sánchez has fallen short because the Europe Social Chartera speaks of ‘at least 60% of the average salary’, and Spain is 25 points away from the average wages in Europe” Díaz stated.

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