Yolanda Díaz recoils from criticism and instructs her technicians to break down the discontinuous landlines



UGT was the last to ask the Ministry to provide these data, joining the main study services in the country and the opposition

Yolanda Díaz, Second Vice President and Minister of LaborJavier LiznEFE
  • Díaz refuses to give the number of discontinuous companies without activity and disdains the criticism of experts: “This controversy is quite artificial”

Yolanda Diaz, the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, has changed position according to the discontinuous fixed polemics without activity that are not included in the unemployment statistics, going from denying that there was any distortion in the data -as denounced by the main economists of the country- to agree to ask their technicians that collect that information.

According to government sources, the vice president has requested the technical teams of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) that start the tasks to be able to disaggregate all the information on employees with a permanent discontinuous contract, in order to know how many are active and how many are not. This is one of the main requests that study services have been making for months, such as Fedea, BBVA Research, the Círculo de Empresarios, Funcas, the Institute of Economic Studies or EsadeEcPol, considering that it is necessary to know how many discontinuous permanent workers are out of work and collecting unemployment to know the true reality of the labor market.

The discontinuous fixed Those who do not work cannot be considered unemployed because they do have a job and a valid contract, but since they are inactive and in many cases receiving the benefit, they could be considered ‘effectively unemployed’Hence, the Ministry is asked to publish how many of them each month are without work.

Until now, the Ministry argued that discontinuous fixed lines are computed in the statistics in the same way that it has been done in Spain. since 1985 and that they did not have the data that was requested, but, given that their weight has gone from being testimonial to assuming almost two million contracts in 2022, more and more voices are asking for a breakdown of figures. UGT was the last to request this Monday that the Government provide this information “immediately”, as this medium has already reported.

The criticisms of the academic sector have also been used by opposition parties, especially the PPto accuse the Ministry of “make up” the unemployment data, that in recent months have behaved very positively.

Faced with this barrage of criticism and accusations of opacity, which at first were described by the vice president as “Trumpism”, Díaz has now agreed to request this data for the sake of “transparency”, as it became known this Tuesday.

According to the Job Seekers Statisticspublished this week by the Ministry of Labor, there are in Spain a total of 622,184 job seekers with employment relationship -a category that includes discontinuous permanent workers without activity but also workers affected by a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE), among others-. This is the closest record that allows us to point out how many discontinuous landlines do not work: although it is not an exact figure, it seems that the figure will be around 600,000.

Last week, the Secretary of State for Employment and Social EconomyJoaqun Pérez Rey, He insisted on defending that there is no “hiding” or “statistical change” in the way of accounting for workers with a permanent discontinuous contract and pointed out that the PP “must be very bored and overwhelmed” with the improvement in the employment stability figures ” when the only way to contribute to your country” is “cast doubt” on the official figures.

“That all that temporality that generated very serious problems of operation and guarantee of rights has been redirected to the discontinuous fixed It is magnificent news that the PP should not understand and that is why he attributes it to statistical elements”, pointed out the Secretary of State.

In addition, it demanded that the PP say “a single month of a single year” in which the Ministry of Labor has published the data of inactive discontinuous fixed. “It was not provided because it was not given. We do not have it debugged“, explained Pérez Rey who, yes, indicated that when this figure is achieved with statistical “guarantees” it will be facilitated.

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