Yolanda Díaz insists on the need to act on rental prices


The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, has defended this Friday in Palma the need to “act on rental housing prices”. Díaz pointed out housing as one of the Government’s most important pending tasks, during a “listening” act and presentation of his Sumar platform in Palma, in which he defended that in matters in which the Government has acted “with forcefulness” is where people’s lives have improved.

Among the two tasks that he considers to be pending, Díaz has mentioned acting on the price of rental housing and on food. He has said that he has reviewed the rental data in the Balearic Islands, which make it “impossible to afford a rent” and has highlighted that the Government is studying measures that are being defended in Canada or New Zealand, to restrict the purchase of homes by foreigners.

“But not only that, we have to act on rental housing prices, because housing is a fundamental right“, he has claimed. He has warned that the data from the Bank of Spain on business margins that have multiplied by seven, reveal that “someone in this crisis over the war in Ukraine is doing business“and has defended that, in addition to prohibiting evictions, investment funds must be forced to make homes available as a housing guarantee because “they have to contribute in times of crisis.”

He has also defended acting on food because with food inflation “it is impossible with very little wage income to be able to live with dignity.” Diaz believes that distribution companies “have to contribute at the most difficult time” and take a step forward, because producers cannot sell below production value.

He has also advocatedr influencing “tax justice” because at present “any self-employed person or SME pays many more taxes than a large corporation” and considers a deep tax reform necessary so that “those who have more contribute more”.

Díaz has defended the measures adopted in defense of the labor rights of three groups with which “this country had never acted” such as maids, domestic workers and cultural workers.

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