Women’s Soccer: The RFEF changes plans and summons the women’s team to Valencia


hIt’s been less than 12 hours since the players summoned by Montse Tomé to attend the Spanish national team call They received the tickets to travel to Madrid and join the concentration. Still not knowing whether they would attend or not, the players, perplexed, They issued a statement in which they responded to that summons forcefully. and they expressed that “as a result of the call and the subsequent press conference of the new national coach, Montse Tomé” they reiterated that “what was expressed in our statement of September 22, 2023 makes clear and without any option for another interpretation our firm will of not being summoned for justified reasons” and that “these statements remain fully valid.

Change of plans

This morning, the players received, without prior notice, the communication that the concentration would finally take place in Valencia and they were sent the new tickets. The situation, right now, is that the players have tickets to travel to Madrid and Valencia, some of them with overlapping schedules, and they do not know what they will do.

The objective of the RFEF with this measure is none other than to remove this situation from the media focus and try to make the concentration as clandestine as possible. Although, With this measure, they also prevent the players from having to see each other’s faces and cross paths in the hallways with people from the RFEF whom they love outside the organization.

From Oliva to Denia

In the first moment, The idea of ​​the RFEF was that the Valencia concentration would have its central base at the Oliva Sport sports center.but this one does not have the lights conditioned to be able to work correctly so it seems that concentration, Finally, it would take place in Denia.

Will the players go?

It is still unclear what decision the players will make. Beyond Athenea del Castillowhat is Ithe only World Cup player who has publicly stated that she will be at the concentrationthe rest remain in permanent contact to make a final decision.

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