Women’s Day 2022 in listed companies. The companies that are part of the Ibex have increased the presence of women in their workforces by more than one 10% during the last 10 years. Out of a total of just over 1.2 million employees, working women are already half of the workforce, reaching 600,000 employees.

According to the data compiled by EFE through the reports submitted by the companies themselves to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), At the end of 2022, women occupied 49.5% of all jobs, a percentage that exceeds by almost five percentage points 44.8% of 2012.

That is to say, a decade ago These same companies that now form part of the Spanish benchmark stock index had at that time close to 590,000 working womens on a total number of employees that at that time exceeded 1.3 million.

Inditex, the company that registers the most women

The textile giant Inditex remains the company with the highest proportion of women on its workforce –with 116,000 employees, 75.5% of the total– At the close of the first half of 2022, pending the presentation of the final data for this year on March 15.

On the other hand, the employees of Inditex, which operates in a highly feminized sector and with traditionally lower salaries than the rest of the large listed companies, have the second lowest average salary of the entire IBEX 35only behind the Meliá hotel chain.

Behind Inditex was the Socimi Colonial and the blood products manufacturer Grifols, with 62.9% and 59.5% of women, respectively. In addition, at the end of 2022, other nine IBEX companies had more women than men on their staffamong which are the construction company ACS, the six listed banks -Banco Santander, BBVA, Caixabank, Bankinter, Sabadell and Unicaja-, Mapfre and Rovi.

Acerinox and Ferrovial do not reach 20%

On the contrary, both in the Acerinox steel company and in the Ferrovial infrastructure group, the Spanish multinational company that a few days ago announced the transfer of its headquarters from Spain to the Netherlands, does not reach 20% of the women who appear as employees in your work template.

In the case of Ferrovial, the company confirms in its report that the low presence of women is due to the recent disinvestment made in its business, it had greater female presence and, according to what is extracted from the data, with some lower wages than the other divisions of the group. Specifically, they are barely 17% of the Ferrovial workforce, that is, 4,100 workers out of a total of 24,200 people.

On the other hand, leaving aside the infrastructure sector, Acerinox has a workforce of 8,300 employees, of which only 13% -1,100- are women.

Below the threshold of 30% female presence in their workforces are also the gas and electricity managers Enagás and Redeia; as well as the infrastructure group Acciona and its renewable energy subsidiary Acciona Energía, the electric companies Iberdrola and Endesa and the renewable energy company Solaria.

The banking and energy sectors follow different patterns

The presence of women stands out in bank templatess, where the six large entities employ more women than men, Banco Santander being the one with the highest volume of contracted, with 108,600, only surpassed by Inditex, which represents 53.9% of the total.

In the case of energy none of them exceeds the 40% barrier, although the oil company Repsol is close, with 39.3% and a total of 9,382 workers. Of the three largest electric companies in the country, Naturgy is the one that comes out best, with 32.7%; while Endesa and Iberdrola have 25.9% and 23.3% women on their workforces, respectively.

Concentrations: outrage in Barcelona

This Wednesday they have been summoned numerous demonstrations on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day in many Spanish cities. In Barcelona, ​​early in the day, a driver has rammed three feminist activists that they were blocking Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona when trying to overcome the blockade in the street, at which point the protesters got on top of the car and the woman did not brake for a few meters.

As a result of this incident, one of the demonstrators suffered minor bruises, according to sources from the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Barcelona City Council. The events, according to the aforementioned sources, occurred around eight in the morning on Avenida Diagonal, at the height of Albert Bastardas street, when dozens of people blocked the road on the occasion of 8M.

A driver who was circulating on Diagonal Avenue then tried to cross the Diagonal cutting line, at which point two activists climbed onto the hood of the car while a third hung from the side of it. The woman, far from stopping, The march continued with the demonstrators on top of the vehicle for several meters.

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