Wind power in Spain exceeds 30 GW and reaches 60% of the target for 2030


Spain exceeded 30 gigawatts (GW) at the end of March, as stated by the government itself in a parliamentary response collected by Europa Press. Exactly, 30,108,072 megawatts (MW) installed. With these data, they reach 60% of the commitment adopted in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, where 50,333 MW installed by 2030 were signed.

In this same parliamentary response to questions from various Vox deputies, the Government points out that the value of wind power has increased by a 7.9% with respect to the last official data from 2021, when the installed power was almost 28 GW.

1% increase compared to 2022

Likewise, the figure disclosed by the Government represents a increase of almost 1% if compared with the data for 2022, when there were 29,813 MW installed, according to the Wind Energy Business Association. During the past year, 46 wind farms and 395 wind turbines were incorporated nationwide, reaching a total number of 1,345 wind installations and 22,042 wind turbines by 2022.

Wind energy, present in all of Spain, except Madrid, Ceuta and Melilla, gender in 2022 the 25% of electricity consumed in the country. Castilla y León led the ranking of regions with the highest installed wind power, with 6,507 MW, followed by Aragón (4,921 MW) and Castilla-La Mancha (3,949 MW).

In growth terms, the communities that installed the most wind power in 2022 were Castilla La Mancha, with 837 MW more, Aragón, with 492 MW, and Castilla y León, with 105 MW. Thus, 13% of Spanish municipalities had wind farms at the end of 2022, although these infrastructures only occupied 0.017% of the total Spanish area. The Spanish wind sector It intends to install 7.2 more GW in wind turbines by 2025, and an additional 5 GW by 2027, staying close to the PNIEC target of those 50 GW of installed wind power by 2030.

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