win a million in the Euromillions and discover that he is a grandfather for the first time


Nothing better than receive two good news in one day, but if they are about family and economic allegories, the prize is double. A man from the Brittany region found out last Tuesday, January 17, that he had won one million euros in the Euromillions draw.

Specifically, the lucky one took the money corresponding to the additional raffle ‘The Million’, which is a secure prize that is included as an alphanumeric code in all EuroMillions tickets. That same day, she was also fortunate to learn that it was first time grandpa.

It is not the first time that one of the EuroMillions winners receives good news after learning that the boat has been taken of the draw. A woman found out the same day that the cancer treatments she was suffering from had ended and, therefore, she was free of the disease.

A millionaire and lifetime memory

There is no doubt that this player You will remember the day of your grandson’s birth for the rest of your life., since the prize was double. As explained in the specialized newspaper Tirage Gagnant, the lucky one was not a regular player and I only bought EuroMillions tickets from time to time. That day she decided to have a coffee in the city of Combourg and bet on one of the tickets in a nearby store.

That same January 17, shortly after the baby’s parents announced that the new member had been born, discovered that the combination of his ticket was the winner. “It is the date on which the family has grown in all aspectsboth personally and, above all, financially”.

With this millionaire prize, the winner intends to pamper your loved ones and completely renovate a family home which he inherited long ago and which dates back to the 18th century. In addition, he has assured that won’t stop workingsince his intention is to combine the works of this old house with his current job.

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