Wimbledon 2023: Carlos Alcaraz ends the unbeatable Djokovic and is crowned at Wimbledon as the ‘Big One’ of tennis


Two legends like Manolo Santana and Rafael Nadal they already have company in the Wimbledon record, the most prestigious tournament in racket sport.

Carlos Alcaraz is a worthy successor because he brings it all together. That is why he is from today the new ‘Big One’ of tennis after defeating Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final, by 1-6, 7-6(6), 6-1, 3-6 and 6-4, in 4 hours and 42 minutes. A right hand from his victim, who ended up in the net, gave him glory.

If there is someone who can speed up the generational change, it is him. Its staging is exceptional as well as modern: an offensive slate with 66 winners, drop shots, lobs… Pure show sponsored by the good work at Equelite.

Rafael Nadal doubled in 2008 from a Roger Federer who was the best tennis player on grass. Five trophies in a row he had lifted in ‘The Championships’.

Djokovic’s sequence was four wounds and a total of 2,194 days without losing in what everyone called his garden.

The Murcian, 20 years and 72 days old, He is the third youngest player in the Open Era to be crowned in the cathedral, only behind Boris Becker (17 years 227 days) and Bjrn Borg (20 years and 27 days).

Carlitos, champion of the last US Open, is the fifth professional since 1968 to reach a minimum of two ‘Grand Slam’ titles before turning 21 years old. The others were Mats Wilander (4), Borg (3), Becker (2) and Nadal (2).

The balcony knew how to temper his nerves better in the initial set, marked by a ‘break’ ball that Carlitos could not take advantage of as soon as he started.

It went from a possible 0-1 to a 5-0. At 32 minutes, Juan Carlos Ferrero’s pupil opened his locker, pressured by the magnitude of the stage and the adversary.

The nine Wimbledon finals were a trump card in favor of ‘Nole’. The balcony had managed to appease the spirits of a tier that was contrary to him.

Alcaraz was not going to give up so easily because he is a born winner. . Reaction in the continuation with a 2-0 start.

The final was played outdoors and not indoors because the wind did not exceed 20 kilometers per houra circumstance that did occur in the women’s final.

Djokovic had warmed up with the marbell Carlos Gomezhis second coach and the young man from El Palmar had done it with his older brother lvaro.

The second set seemed decisive to know the next winner. And that’s why Alcaraz clung to him. His Majesty King Felipe VI, who was also a prince 15 years ago at Rafael Nadal’s first coronation, was watching him from close by.

The Spaniard tried but his decorated opponent permanently closed the doors. Charlie had calmed down and his blows flowed more.

It does not slip on grass as if it were dirt. In a support he trusted so much that he fell to the ground. A kinesiotape bandage could then be seen on her right leg. The Murcian’s ‘fair play’ made him reach the net to inquire about his health. The score was 5-4 and there was a world left. Alcaraz had a 0-15 and a comfortable backhand pass that failed. It was a key moment. He was looking at his bench. “In these moments I am always wrong“, he shouted.

End the streak in the ‘tie break’

The outcome ended in sudden death. The final had been tied. Djokovic is usually the best in the heads or tails of the ‘tie break’. At Roland Garros he won all six he played without committing a single unforced error. At Wimbledon he had played six others and they all fell on his side. It had to be Carlos who would put an end to the tyranny of the balcony. It was thanks to a revs intern.

The fans went crazy and the winner of the partial responded with his hand to his ear. He wanted to extend the party.

The leader of the ‘Armada’ clung to his maxim: the finals are to be won. Djokovic was touched and delivered the first of the serves of the third act.

A 26 minute game

Alcaraz knew how to maintain that small income and expand it after a fifth game that lasted for 26 minutes. Djokovic was deranged and paid for it with the chair umpire, Fergus Murphy, who had issued a warning for delaying his service. “Why do you start counting the time when I go for the towel?“, he questioned him. He was on the edge of surrender and he could see himself in the worried face of his coach, Goran Ivanisevic.

The Serbian took all the time in the world to cool off in the locker room. A total of seven minutes. The 15 years and 348 days seemed to weigh more heavily on him than the other finalist..

Novak, who likes strong environments like a good balcony, He returned to the scene with a break in the fifth game of the fourth set. And he dedicated it to the public with a kiss.

The Spaniard delivered the fourth set with a double fault. It started from scratch after 3 hours and 54 minutes. Djokovic started the tiebreaker with a turn of service. Now I know any detail could tip the balance towards one of the two sides.

The first detail was the ‘break’ ball that escaped Alcaraz. And what did 1-0 mean? Each game was a battle and the top of the longest final (4 hours and 57 minutes) was in danger, starring in 2019 by ‘Nole’ himself and Roger Federer.

The defender of the crown was the first to give ground and he paid for it by breaking the racket against the post of the net. Another ‘warning’ for him and it was already the second of the day,

Think Charlie, you have to think“, claimed the player from El Palmar with a favorable 3-2. Forehands at 146 kilometers per hour are one of the many reasons for his victory. Ivanisevic said he did not understand the reasons why people had given Carlitos a favorite at Roland Garros over someone like Djokovic. He now he already knows them.

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