Who can retire early with 100% of the pension?


If there is something that a good part of the workers dream of, it is to take advantage of the early retirement with 100% of the pension. But the truth is that, each year, the ordinary age varies, set by the Government of Spain from January 1, 2023 in the 66 years and four months for those who have not contributed for at least 37 years and nine months to the Social Security. Hence, those who consider ending their working lives prematurely should ask themselves if they can do so without suffering a reduction in the amount of the benefit. And the truth is that only those who belong to certain professional sectors are entitled to this.

The objective of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, led by José Luis Escrivá, with the second pension reform, which was approved on April 1, is that, in 2027, the legal retirement age reaches 67 years for people who have not contributed 38 years and six monthsand 65 years for those who do meet it.

The last modification implies that, when the ordinary retirement age increases, early retirement does the same, although not for all professional sectors. However, the new year was already beginning with changes for retired people, after the revaluation of 8.5% of contributory pensions and 15% of non-contributory ones.

Workers who can retire early

Having the right to retire early and being able to collect 100% of the pension, without suffering any cut, is possible when you belong to the State Passive Class Regime.

This group includes military personnel, officials of the General State Administrationof the Justice administrationof the Cortes Generales and of other constitutional or state bodies, officials transferred to the autonomous communities and former presidents, former vice presidents and former government ministers.

However, these must meet a requirement: have contributed for at least 35 years. In addition, unlike what happens with the rest of the taxpayers, they can access a pension from the age of 60. This means that, where applicable, the ordinary retirement age reduced by at least five yearscompared to most other employees.

How can you collect 100% of the pension?

To determine the amount of the ordinary pension, and depending on the Corps or category of the officialSocial Security applies to the regulatory credit that corresponds the percentage established according to the number of full years of effective service to the State. Therefore, as the time quoted increases, so does the percentage of the regulatory credit:

  • With 30 years quotedthe pension is 81.73% of having regulator.
  • With 31 years listedthe pension is 85.38% of having regulator.
  • With 32 years listedthe pension is 89.04% of having regulator.
  • With 33 years listedthe pension is 92.69% of having regulator.
  • With 34 years listedthe pension is 96.35% of having regulator.
  • With 35 years listedthe pension is 100% of having regulator.

What is the amount of the benefit

Every year, through the General State Budgets, the regulatory credit of the workers of the Passive Classes Regime is determined, based on the group or subgroup to which it belongs. By 2023, they are as follows:

  • Group/Subgroup A1: 48,086.76 euros per year.
  • Group/Subgroup A2: 37,845.48 euros per year.
  • Group/Subgroup B.: 33,139.86 euros per year.
  • Group/Subgroup C1: 29,065.98 euros per year.
  • Group/Subgroup C2: 22,996 euros per year.
  • Group/Subgroup AND: 19,605.93 euros per year.
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