where to buy the best cheap white label sunscreen according to the OCU


The Sunscreens They are our great allies on days at the beach, pool or any other place where we are going to spend several hours in the sun. Like every summer, the OCU has prepared a study about 14 brands with SPF30, and another 15 with SPF 50/50+, “including some specifically designed to care for children’s delicate skin.” You always have to take it into account when buying one, since they highlight the value for money and help to find best cheap sunscreens And as always, there are many users interested in those of the white brands of Mercadona, Lidlin addition to other supermarkets.

The best news of all is that the protectors that are part of the study comply with the sun protection factor advertised on the packaging. That is, if we apply them and do not expose our skin to the sun incorrectly, we will not put it at risk in any case.

Mercadona’s sunscreen, the best for the OCU

Sunscreen 30 from Mercadona


Of the 29 that have been part of the study, the most prominent has been the sunscreen SUN MED SPF30 from MercadonaDeliplus brand. Costs 6.20 euro and contains 250 milliliters. It stands out for its low environmental impact, correct labeling and laboratory results, as well as the absence of endocrine disruptors such as octocrylene and homosalate. is the best white brand supermarket cream.

Boy in the pool with sun cream

Beware of chemical filters in sunscreens

On this occasion, private label sunscreens from Lidl have gotten a worse grade than Mercadona. The OCU study adds that its children’s sun cream contains octocrylene, a chemical filter suspected of interfering with the endocrine system. “In fact, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety of the European Commission (SCCS) has restricted its use to concentrations no higher than 10%2”, they add.

The list of sunscreens that contain octocrylene are the following: Babaria Sunscreen for children SPF 50+, Cien Infantil Solar Spray 50+ (Lidl), Cien Sun Cream Kids SPF 50+ (Lidl) and Ecran Denenes Protective milk for atopic sensitive skin 50+ Spray. In addition, there are four models for adults that contain another similar filter such as homosalate. They can be consulted in the OCU sun cream comparator.

A young woman in a swimming pool applies sunscreen to her leg

What does the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) mean?

In English, the acronym SPF, which corresponds to ‘Sun Protection Factor’, that is to say the ‘Solar Protection Factor’. This term refers to the level of protection against UVB radiation of the product. In addition, they are always accompanied by a number. If it is between 6 and 10 it is a low protection, between 15 and 25, moderatebetween 30 and 50, tolta, and +50, very high.

But this number does not indicate a certain amount, but the time during which it protects us before exposure to sunlight. Our skin reacts to the sun in 20 minutes (usually the general reference) without protection. Thus, with a cream of 30 that protection would be multiplied by that number. That is, 600 minutes, hence the importance of the number being the maximum possible. But you always have to reapply it every time you get into the water, since the product will lose its qualities and it will be necessary to apply it again.

In addition, it is important that protectors combine protection against UVA rays (cause premature aging of the skin) and UVB rays or ultraviolet (depress the immune system and cause redness and burns). The combination of both types of rays continuously on our skin has become the main cause of melanoma, that is, skin cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to use protectors that combat both types of lightning and apply them all over the body.

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