When is it not necessary to file the 2022 Income Statement?


Thousands of people are called to present the Income statement 2022. April 11 will be the starting signal for the Tax Agency to determine if taxpayers have paid the income tax that corresponded to them or have to contribute a little more. But… Do all the people who work have to process the Income statement yes or yes?

Who is required to file the 2022 Income Statement?

Tax authorities has established that those who will be bound are those with superior returns at 22,000 euros with one payer and 15,000 with two payers. Therefore, if a person does not reach these returns, he should not have to present it. It must be taken into account that the returns obtained from other means (real estate, for example) also count in the Income statement. Therefore, if a person has income from work less than 22,000 or 14,000 (in the case of more than one payer), but has another type of income, they may be required to file the income statement.

What subsidies oblige to make the Income statement?

However, some subsidies oblige the beneficiaries to present the Income Statement even if they do not reach the minimum returns. An example of this is the Minimum Vital Income (IMV). People who receive this aid must make the income statement so that the State can verify that still meet the requirements to be beneficiaries of the IMV.

Can I make an Income Statement if I am not required?

On the other hand, it must be remembered that not be bound it does not mean that the rent cannot be presented. “It is always better to do the draft and if it pays to finish the process. That way we can get extra income,” says Antonio Gallardo, an expert at Banqmi.

How to fill out the Income draft

The draft can be done electronically. You only need an electronic ID, digital certificate or the last Income statement. Once inside the system, the Tax Agency will estimate the result of the return with the information it has available. The taxpayer can add the missing information (rental payment, contribution to NGOs…) in the corresponding sections. That’s when you’ll see if the result is positive (to pay) or negative (to return). If it comes out positive as the person is not obliged to present it, it does not affect him, but if it comes out negative, he presents it and gets extra money.

Be careful not to present the Income statement

It is important to be very clear that if a person does not present the income statement and was obliged to do so will have a sanction by the Tax Agency. “The amount to be paid will depend on whether the result of the statement is to be paid or returned,” says the expert.

With two payers, do you always have to make the declaration?

One of the most notorious myths of the Income statement and about which the experts warn is that if a person has more than two payers, the result of the procedure will always be positive, that is, the taxpayer will have to pay. Nothing is further from reality. “The key is to take into account that the Treasury calculates the corresponding personal income tax on the total amount of income, not on each of the income received,” Gallardo stresses. This means that if a user receives 12,000 from a job and another 17,000, the personal income tax is calculated on 29,000. The resulting percentage will have to be divided between the two works as considered. In this way, the result of the income statement will remain in tables, that is, it will not be paid or returned.

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