When does Unicaja pay the pensions this month of May 2023?

There are many doubts about when the monthly pension payments. Social Security transfers the money days before the end of the due month, especially after the pandemic and the health crisis. These economic benefits are generated by overdue natural monthly payments, which means that they are received in a similar way to the payroll of salaried employees.

The public body responsible for making the payment of pensions, dependent on the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations and led by José Luis Escrivá, make the deposit between the first and fourth day of each month. According to the regulations, payment is made on the first business day of the corresponding month and always before the fourth calendar day of the month.

When does Unicaja pay pensions this month of May?

The Bank entities They usually pay the pension during the last week of each month. This month of May, Unicaja will pay the pension on Thursday May 25.

Normally, banks deposit the pension between the day 23 and 25 of each month. If these dates fall on a holiday or weekend, it is the banks that decide whether to advance the payment to the previous business day or make the payment the following business day.

Rise after the pension reform

On Thursday, March 30, the second pension reform was approved, led by the Ministry of Inclusion, Migration and Social Security, led by José Luis Escrivá. This has brought with it a series of novelties that affect both current and future pensioners. As of April 1, 2023, several changes established in Royal Decree-Law 2/2023, of March 16, came into force, which include urgent measures to extend the pensioners’ rights, narrow the gender gap and set a new sustainability framework of the public pension system.

The Government of Spain has the objective of guaranteeing the sustainability of the system in the next thirty years and ensuring the pension piggy bank. This is important because of the Retirement of the baby boomer generationwhich will take place in the coming years.


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