When does the Treasury charge the collection of the income statement if I have postponed it?


When the income statement comes out to pay, the Tax Agency makes available to the taxpayer the possibility of splitting the amount of money owed so that the payment is as comfortable as possible. This option is especially useful when the amount that we have to return is high. This possibility of paying in different installments what comes back to us in the income statement should not be confused, on the other hand, with the deferral of payment.

The Tax Agency allows defer the collection of taxpayer debts. The Treasury explains that debts can be deferred in the voluntary period, in the period for presenting the corresponding self-assessment or in the debt execution phase as long as the collection management corresponds to the Tax Agency, except those that derive from a crime committed against the Public Treasury.

The taxpayer may request the deferral when the economic-financial situation itself prevents payment within the established deadlines. In the case of the income statement, this possibility can be requested at the time of presenting the documentation.

How to postpone the payment of the Income statement

When completing the form and presenting the declaration through the website of the Tax Agency, we must mark in the section related to the payment data that we do not want to split the payment of the amount owed. Then, in the ‘Other payment methods’ section, we will select the ‘Acknowledgment of debt’ option, with request for postponement.

Once we have signed and submitted the declaration, the option to manage and select how we want to pay our debt to the Treasury will appear. This option is only available for those taxpayers who have to return less than 30,000 euros to the Treasury.

When it comes to knowing when the Tax Agency will charge us for the payment of the debt, in this second part of the procedure we can choose when to pay our debt over the next twelve months. So that, we will have to wait for the collection of the AEAT in the period that we have selected.

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