When can you download the draft of the Income statement in 2023?

Next week the campaign starts statement of income. To be more exact, it will be next Tuesday, April 11, when taxpayers in Spain will have to render accounts with the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) on the tribute to the IPRF tax. It will also be that same day, that is, andTuesday of next weekwhen citizens can download the rent draft corresponding to the year 2022.

Now, at this point and just a few days before the Tax Agency gives the starting signal to the new Income campaign on Tuesday, it should be taken into account that for this year’s financial year The Treasury presents great news to take into account. Of course, the main and most important thing is to know who is obliged to render accounts to the treasury and who is not.

How to obtain the draft of the Income Statement

The Tax Agency explains through its website”all contributors will be able to access their draft and their tax data by electronic means at the electronic Headquarters of the State Tax Administration Agency, in the Draft/Declaration Processing Service, from where they can confirm and present it or, where appropriate, modify, confirm and present it”.

To obtain tax data on the aforementioned website or in the Tax Agency mobile app, accessing in several ways:

  • electronic certificate recognized.
  • Cl@ve PIN system of identification, authentication and common electronic signature for the entire State Administrative Public Sector.
  • Reference number previously provided by the State Tax Administration Agency. To obtain the reference number, taxpayers must communicate their Tax Identification Number (NIF), the expiration date of their National Identity Document (DNI)) or the support number of their Foreigner Identity Number (NIE).

Who is required to file the Income Statement?

The AEAT establishes that those natural persons who during the past year had yields higher than the 22,000 euros from a single payer and 15,000 euros in the event that it had two payers. However, another point of interest has to do with the fact that the returns obtained from other means, such as real estate, for example, must also be taken into account.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that not being obliged does not directly imply that this annual procedure cannot be carried out with the Tax Agency. In any case, it is recommended, according to the experts, to review the draft of the Income and, in case it goes out to return, proceed with its realization and earn extra money.

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