What is the maximum term to approve a retirement pension in 2023?


Over 60 years of age, when the legal retirement agethere are many workers who are beginning to be interested in the processing of applications to access the pension, managed by the Social Security. But, before putting an end to their working life, they have to make sure that they comply with the requirements established by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, led by José Luis Escrivá. Hence, it is a concern for the citizen to know when will you be told whether or not you have the right to receive the social benefit that it has requested, a decision for which the administration has a maximum term.

One of the main issues to be taken into account is that the Government of Spain approved at the end of 2022 a revaluation of 8.5% of the contributory pensions and the Passive Classes, which entered into force on January 1, 2023. For their part, the non-contributory of retirement and disability keep the extraordinary increase of 15%.

In turn, in order to become pensioners and collect the maximum amount, two requirements must be met: the required age and the listing period that defines Social Security. Thus, the legal ordinary retirement age is set at 66 years and four months, in case of having contributed for less than 37 years and nine months. On the contrary, those who exceed this scale will be able to retire at 65 years.

How long does Social Security take to grant a pension

Receiving a retirement pension depends on whether the person who ends his career is financially supported, so that an error in the delivery of the documentation or delay in approval of Social Security can translate into a period of specific time without income.

Although the truth is that financial administration has a 90 day period to grant or deny a retirement pension, in practice, it usually takes much less time: the average is around 20 days for resolution of a request. Therefore, in less than a month it will be possible to know if you receive the benefit, as long as the request has been submitted correctly and in the term indicated.

When can you start collecting the benefit?

Once the Social Security has granted the pension, the next thing to take into consideration is the date on which you can start charging. From the entity they indicate that, depending on when the application is delivered, they will have the right to collect the pension with retroactive from the access to retirement or from the day the request is made:

  • In the case of people registered with Social Securitythe economic effects will be from the day of termination of employment if the application has been delivered in a three month term from that date or prior to termination. For example, if he retires in January and requests a pension in March, he will be able to collect the entire amount generated from the first month of the yeareven if it is granted later.
  • if it takes more than three months in requesting the retirement pension, there will be a retroactivity three months from the filing date.
  • The effects of retirement for workers in status assimilated high start from the day after the request or when the causal event occurs, depending on the assimilated situation in question.
  • For the workers not registered with Social Securityretirement effects begin at next day to which the request occurs.

How can you apply?

To request the retirement pension from Social Security, there is three ways to do it:

  • through the pension processing platform Social Security, without the need for a digital certificate or Cl@ve. Those who opt for this route will have to fill out a form and the applicationfor which the DNI and a device with a camera are needed to be able to take a ‘selfie’ that proves the identity of the applicant.
  • So face-to-face or by regular mail. Fill out and deliver to an agency office the form that is available at the Electronic Office of the Social Security, along with any additional documentation that is required. The entity requests different extra documents depending on the type of retirement requested.
  • So face-to-face: you have to go to a Social Security office with the necessary documentation. For this you have to ask appointmentwhich can be obtained by calling 91 541 25 30 or 901 10 65 70 with 24-hour service, on the Social Security website or at the organization’s Electronic Office.
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