What insurance covers me if I fall on the stairs of my building?


Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, even in the common spaces of buildings. If you have fallen down the stairs of your building, it is important to know what insurance can cover you and protection in this situation.

Next, we will explain the applicable regulations and standards, as well as the insurances that could cover medical expenses and other compensation in case of a fall on the stairs.

Associated insurance in case of accidents

  • Building Civil Liability Insurance: Building Civil Liability insurance is mandatory in Spain for buildings under the horizontal property regime. This insurance is intended to cover the damages caused to third parties due to damages or defects in common areas, such as stairs. In case of suffering a fall on the stairs due to a structural defect or poor maintenance, you can claim through this insurance to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages suffered.
  • Home Insurance: Home insurance is voluntary, but highly recommended, since it provides extensive coverage in case of accidents inside the home. Some Home insurance policies offer additional coverage called “Family Civil Liability”, which includes compensation for injuries suffered in the common areas of the building. If you have taken out Home insurance with this coverage, you could request a compensation for damage and injuries caused by falling down the stairs.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Personal Accident insurance is another type of insurance that may provide coverage if you fall on the stairs. This insurance focuses on protecting the insured in case of injury or disability due to an accident. Some policies of this type cover accidents that occurs in common spaces of buildings, such as stairs. If you have Personal Accident insurance, check the conditions and coverage limits to determine if you can receive compensation for your accident.
  • Claim to the Community of Owners: If you do not have any of the insurances mentioned above, you can also make a claim to the community of owners. Under the Horizontal Property Law, the community has the obligation to keep the common areas in good condition and to guarantee the safety of the residents. If the fall on the stairs is due to a defect or lack of maintenance, you could demand that the community take care of the medical expenses and other compensation derived from the accident.
  • Legal advice: In the event of a fall down the stairs of a building, it is advisable seek legal advice to determine the feasibility of a claim and to guide the process. A lawyer specialized in accidents and civil liability will be able to evaluate your case, collect evidence and provide you with the appropriate guidance to obtain the compensation that corresponds to you.

Coverage and protection of your rights

It is very important to be aware of the points mentioned above, so that, in the event of any type of accident, you know what steps to follow and who to ask for help to request compensationif applicable.

In the event of a fall on the stairs of your building, there are different insurances and claim channels that could provide you with coverage and protection. Both the Civil Liability insurance for the Building, the Home insurance with Family Civil Liability coverage, the Personal Accident insurance, as well as the complaint to the community of owners are options to consider to obtain compensation for the damages and injuries suffered.

It is important to search legal advice to ensure that your rights are respected and that you obtain adequate compensation in the event of an accident due to a fall on the stairs.

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