What does it cover and how much money does it cost to hire it?


Immersed in the return to school, the usual procedures for the beginning of the school year begin. In recent days thousands of children have started a new school year. But this is not just the return to classes, the students also go out to play, go on excursions… And to be covered for any unforeseen event there is the Mandatory School Insurance that manages the Social Security.

It is, therefore, a benefitn of which the beneficiary is the studentexcept in the icompensation for death due to accident or illness in which the family members will be. Specifically, it protects students, under 28 years of age, who are pursuing official studies from the third year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO)until the end of third university cycle.

But, in addition, it is required to be Spanish or have legal residence in Spain and to be registered in the studies included in the Insurance and have paid the fee. It must also be prove one year of insurancealthough this requirement is not required for benefits derived from school accidents, family misfortunes and obstetrics, nor for students who the previous year have completed the second year of ESO, special education or who have continued their studies abroad.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the fee amounts to 2.24 euros (1.12 euros are paid by the student in their registration and the rest by the Ministry of Education). The payment of the insurance fee is made mandatory form with him tuition payment of each school year starting with the third year of ESO. To pay the part that corresponds to the student, there is no need to carry out any procedure. The Social Security explains that “it is the educational centers that will send the fees collected from students to Social Security.”

In exchange the beneficiaries can receive benefits in case of school accidents, illness or family misfortune. In the first two, it covers medical and pharmaceutical assistance, financial compensation for disability and funeral expenses. In the latter case, situations that occur in the student’s home that prevent them from continuing their studies, including the doctorate, are covered.

If any of the above situations occur, the beneficiaries may apply for benefits through the Social Security Electronic Headquarters –It is necessary to have an electronic certificate or access with the cl@ve system- or through the platform for Application and Procedures for Social Security Benefits.

When performing the applicationthe following documentation will be required to be presented: DNI or family book, and certificate from the study center or receipt of the registration form – depending on whether they are university students or not. In addition, Social Security itself will require specific documentation depending on the benefit requested.

The deadline for apply for benefits derived from a school accident is one year. In the case of the health benefitss must be requested prior to medical assistance for the recognition of the right, with the following exception: in cases of urgency duly accredited by the physician, it can be presented within a period of five years. And to request funeral expenses, family misfortune and other financial benefits, the period is five years.

It must be taken into account that the Social Security must grant these benefits. Specifically, the recognition or denial of School Insurance benefits will be resolved and notified within a maximum period of 90 days.

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