Wash by hand or in the dishwasher? The best option to save and end the debate


The price of electricity this Sunday, September 17, 2023 drops and for the first time this week, regulated rate customers linked to the wholesale market will be able use your appliances and pay four euros per megawatt hour for much of the day. It is the best time to put on the washing machine, use the ceramic hob or put the dishwasher. There is a national debate surrounding the use of this particular appliance that undoubtedly occurs in many homes. There are many who maintain that it is spent much less money if you scrub by hand. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) takes up the gauntlet and settles the debate.

The OCU has done the test to know how you spend more, whether washing by hand or in the dishwasher. Hot water, scouring pad, detergent, light, dishwasher tablets… Both modalities imply an expense in the household budget and the Organization has been examining point by point. The first, water consumption. According to his study The dishwasher uses between 10 and 15 literswhich means a consumption of 0.01749 euros and washing up to 60 liters by hand – also depending on each person’s habit of turning off the tap or not to soap – and the expense shoots up to 0.1 euros.

He highest point of consumption It takes heating the water as gas and electricity prices are. Here again the dishwasher wins in some cases because it consumes less and tYou have to heat less quantity. But where it is cheaper to wash by hand is when buying the products you require. Paying for a dishwasher is not the same as paying for everything the dishwasher requires: tablets, salt and rinse aid.

Another advantage that the OCU does highlight is that use the dishwasherIf we can, it is more hygienic. With the high temperature reached inside, bacteria that can generate food remains are eliminated. He clarifies that this does not mean that scrubbing by hand is not hygienic but the degrees of temperature work in its favor. Time and convenience also work in favor of machine washing dishes.

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