Villarreal-Real Madrid: Villarreal prevails in the madness of the VAR


ANDhe Real Madrid suffered the second defeat of the season fairly. He played little, trying to exploit his traditional strengths, the areas. It was not enough for him against an excellent Villarreal, better in almost everything than his rival, with a clear and well-executed plan. Everything goes ahead before regretting the farce that this League becomes on account of the penalties. Two were indicated, one per side, one from the VAR that would never have been called before and another that, surely, would never have been indicated if it had not been for the first. Soto Grado and Iglesias Villanueva were lucky that the errors were distributed to balance the scales, although there was some action with more seriousness than those indicated. A pity.

Villarreal’s victory portrays a Real Madrid lacking in fluidity, in a line-up without a single Spanish player for the first time. Ace doesn’t even hit the key Ancelotti.. It is true that he chains commitments far from the warmth of home, but he does not find the necessary authority to command the games. He did not do it in Pucela, nor in Cceres, and in Villarreal he continued the trend. Also aggravated by the good footing of the local team, which offered its best version since the arrival of Setin. He pressed from the first second, causing Rdiger’s indecision as a right center back. It was the most vulnerable plot of the white team, the one guarded -in theory- by the German central defender, Militao as a false full-back and Valverde helping with coverage. There came the first warning, a tense cross from Alberto Moreno that caught Coquelin free, finished off with a heel and crashed into the post.

Villarreal attacked fiercely and intelligently. With two pressing wingers, Yeremy and Chukwueze, he forced the opponent to go long. There Parejo prevailed in the creation and in the arrival lex Baena, impressive. Two shots from Roquetas de Mar narrowly missed, but the clearest option was from Yeremy, enabled by Gerard Moreno, exquisite. The winger stayed hand in hand, but it was done at night against Courtois, huge. The winger did not score, but avoided the white goal by taking the shot from Militao in a one-on-one. It was served by Benzema, who put another on Vinicius’s foot, but this time the one who became a giant was Reina. Despite the lack of play, of disconnection in the center of the field, Madrid also had theirs until the break.

In the Emery era it was difficult to watch a crazy match against Madrid. With Setien it is another story. The pressure in the opposite field uncovered Mendy, who handed over Parejo instead of Kroos, received Gerard, unloaded for Yeremy and his shot, touched by Courtois and Mendy himself, made it 1-0. Fair advantage per game, forcing Madrid to switch to a more offensive version.

Benzema would have done us all a favor converting the dead ball that Vinicius served him from the left, but Foyth took out under the sticks and the disaster began. Vinicius asked for a hand, it seemed that in the defensive action of Albiol, but Iglesias Villanueva discovered a slight touch from Foyth in the previous action, which even favored Vini’s chance. What should never have been a penalty became a draw, transformed by Benzema. An absurdity that soon found compensation. The next minute, Alaba tried to avoid contact with his arm as he fell to the green, but he touched and Soto Grado signaled the maximum penalty. This time the VAR did not say a word about whether the hand was on the support. Gerard Moreno restored the yellow advantage with cleanliness.

Ancelotti made changes to reactivate the team. As in Cáceres, Rodrygo worked again, who is crying out for ownership. He intervened more and better, although it is true that he had the tie in his boots after receiving a service from the right that Reina could not block. Valverde put it in, in his best action of the afternoon. The Uruguayan is far from the version he offered until the World Cup, and he is part of Madrid’s ills. The white midfield lacks his presence.

The white arren showed the competitive version of Villarreal, applied when defending. They made the right fouls, in the right areas, and warmed up the most suitable player, Vinicius, who enters all the frays. The end of the game portrayed Madrid’s oversight, forcing a corner kick that Courtois went up to finish off, but Kroos threw it back for Asensio, who did not connect and allowed Danjuma’s counter. Alone, without a goalkeeper, sorry for the third. The triumph was done. Madrid has problems.

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