Villarreal-Real Madrid: Dani Ceballos revives Real Madrid


ANDhe Real Madrid was resurrected at La Cermica when it seemed plunged into a deep depression. After a very serious shake-up in the first half, an indisputable 2-0 win for Villarreal, full of success and football, the white team turned the game around until leaving La Cermica with a smile from ear to ear. Much of the fault lay with Ceballos, who brought energy and football to a team that seemed dedicated. Asensio joined the cause, the other change that he exerted as a revulsion. Both signed the comeback goal, in an act of divine justice. Crisis deactivated by the work and grace of the less common. Let’s see what Ancelotti does now.

The fact is that there was nothing to suspect such an outcome seen the first half. Any previous consideration of the game went down the drain in four minutes. Capoue signed a magnificent goal, controlling a forced ball and firing a volley to the bounce soon crossed, impressive. A definition as brilliant as Gerard’s maneuver to receive in the area, hold and serve, body by Rdiger, for the arrival of his partner. The 1-0 so early was poison for a Madrid that was not left over. Neither football, nor legs nor confidence. He tried to react by looking for the sides, with Rodrygo on the right in a good individual action, or with Mendy in a foray that Valverde, in a good option, sent up. Two white flashes in the middle of a yellow monologue.

Villarreal’s dominance, with a twin eleven that they beat in LaLiga, exploited the distance between Madrid’s lines, unable to press effectively. Those of Setin received and played comfortably, always with a passing line and support. They all prevailed over their peers: Chukwueze over Mendy, Yeremy over Rdiger, Baena over Camavinga… A landscape similar to that of the Super Cup. Submitted and unanswered. The right axis (Nacho-Valverde-Rodrygo) seemed more even. Both worked to nullify a clear breakaway from Yeremy and Baena. However, the clearest option for an equalizer was born on the left, in a deep pass from Vinicius to Mendy that he left behind and Rodrygo finished off, taking out the defense under the sticks.

The warning, serious, ignited the yellows, who launched themselves for the sentence. Gerard Moreno served Yeremy one on one, conspired between Militao and Nacho. Intense in each dispute, the yellows detected the rival’s weakness and sentenced. A long attack led to gerard, with two rivals closing the way. The Catalan backed down, waited for Chukwueze to uncheck and pic a golden pass for 2-0, on the brink of rest. The damage could have been greater if Courtois had not intervened. There was no intuiting what would happen next.

Madrid changed the score in search of the reaction. Instead of elaborating he began to look for the most direct game. It was appreciated in a diagonal from Kroos to Rodrygo. In addition, Villarreal was forced to take over from Albiol and Foyth, relieving Vinicius and Benzema of work. The Brazilian seemed distracted, involved in all the battles. In fact, he seemed more changeable than Rodrygo, relieved along with Kroos. To the green Asensio and Ceballos. The fact is that, with the novelties, Villarreal was less and Madrid was more. Much more, dragged by the direction of a majestic Ceballos. A robbery from Camavinga to Capoue went through Benzema, the Sevillian and Vinicius finished off the 2-1.

Suddenly, all the security and firmness of Villarreal changed colors. Always on the side of Mandi, a central defender on the right side, Madrid sought an equalizer. I found it with a cross from that area that Benzema headed, Jorgensen deflected brilliantly and Militao finished off from close range. Morales entered for Yeremy, touched, and Villarreal looked for the speed of the Commander. He was able to catch one, but it went long. The fact is that Setin’s team barely left their zone, they did not link three passes, and Madrid is implacable when it detects weakness.

Everyone improved, it seemed that instead of two changes Ancelotti had made ten. Including Vinicius, involved in the game and in various discussions, one serious with Pepe Reina. There was also controversy in a charge from Militao to Morales in the area. Of course, clearer than Yeray’s in the Basque derby. Arbitration criteria. The fact is that Vini was decisive. Rob in the center of the field and shot the diagonal. Forced, he filtered for Asensio, who he controlled in the baseline, raised his head and served a gift behind that Ceballos placed with class next to the post. The Sevillian finally found the night of glory that he had been looking for for years, and that he did not find, for example in the Super Cup. Now he already knows Real Madrid that he can count on.

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