Valladolid-Getafe |LaLiga Santander: Valladolid goes to second place


It’s second rate. Valladolid went to the well. Ronaldo’s team could not break an ultra-defensive Getafe and they were condemned to the second division. Despite the fact that he was saved at various stages of the game, due to Espanyol’s goals at Cornell, the blanquivioleta team was unable to win their match and the game ended without shooting on goal and putting David Soria to the test. The Pucelanos, who until the game at Mestalla had the face of staying in the first division, felt the fear of relegation from the first minute of the game and that condemned them.

After four minutes he already had montero to go call the attention of the two coaches. The tension in Zorrila was chewed as soon as the battle began. Valladolid was in a hurry, ideal to despair at every action of ‘dead calm’ by a Getafe who played not to lose and celebrate salvation from before the warm-up.

The party in the Getafe dressing room: “Bordals, I love you…”

Regardless of the tension, the game in its first part was awful. Valladolid pressed, the stands protested each action of loss of time from Madrid and the thing turned into a game without goalkeepers in which each action seemed like the last of the season. Every minute fell like a stone in an imprecise and gripped Valladolid. Getafe was clear: 12 fouls in the first half… and going up.

Between the desperate fight and the fear of the environment, jamie mata. That player that one would put on his team to save the category. A header from him was the only approach for the visitors and Masip responded spectacularly to it. Getafe sent notice of him to a pucela whose heartbeat got out of hand on many occasions.

The second part started with the same parameters. Nerves and precipitation in Valladolid and excessive trade of Getafe. In the absence of goals on the cped in the stands, Espanyol’s second goal was sung, which took them out of the relegation places for the first time on the day. But depending on a relegated team was not a good plan. In fact, after a few minutes Almería scored and Valladolid returned to the well. Larin and Aguado woke up a Valladolid team that needed to score to avoid relegation.

Despite the goals that were sung in the stands, Zorrilla played at Cornell, Valladolid continued with water around its neck. He tried with more heart than command and Getafe trusted everything to the cement of his rear and his impenetrable midfield. The match ended in a goalless draw. And there was no outside help. Valladolid says goodbye to Primera.

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