Valencia CF: The umpteenth crisis of Valencia points to Gattuso for the first time


Lyou new airs of change they have barely lasted Valencia six months. The elimination in Cup against Athletic unleashed the first big fight of the course in Mestalla, against the bench, the players and the box. The majority shareholder peter lim had decided to rebuild his umpteenth project on the figure Gennaro Gattusoin sports, and the president layhoon chaninstitutionally, and the plan capsizes again as it has happened in the last three seasons.

Falling in the Cup in the quarterfinals against Athletic in Mestalla is not what has risen again to Valencianism that shoots at will, with the risk of taking an ally ahead. But is that lime does not now have the figure of irreverent anil murthythe president who knew how to distract the staff with some studied or spontaneous contempt on a regular basis.

The harassment of several fans forced Yunus Musah to leave Mestalla… skidding down the sidewalk!BE VALENCIA

A year ago, it was the Cup final that avoided a crisis like the one that Valencia goes through before reaching the halfway point of the League. But now, without any nails to hold on to and with a sporting situation quite worse than with Bordalssome cannons inside and outside the club already point to Gattuso.

The data is devastating: they have gone ahead in eleven league games and have only won five

From the outside, the technician is reproached for his lack of criticism before the highest shareholder, who does not make the economic effort to meet the coach’s requests. In December, Gattuso claimed two reinforcements: one end and one inside. and after the Nico Gonzlez injury for three months – the first is about to end – a defensive pivot. In the absence of four days to close the marketOr no one has come. Gattuso, who is a direct appointment of Peter Lim, has always been Very understanding with the difficulties of the club to reinforce the team. In summer he said that he had “the best squad in the world” and in winter the most risqué was: “I have proposed a hundred names, but you have to have money.”

In addition, on the bench Gattuso He has not been able to maintain the good dynamics of the team with the change of system (1-4-3-3 to 1-4-4-2) and its proposal for attack football, with high pressure and the initiative of the game. Without being a jackhammer, Valencia liked in the standseven if he didn’t win. But at the loss of conspicuousness the null has been joined ability to resolve matches. The data is devastating: they have taken the lead in eleven league games and have only won five.

This data has made Valencia a flan precisely when their style of play -which takes risks with the ball played from behind- demands security above normal. nerves travel from the stands to the grass and vice versa in a vicious circle with dire consequences.

“I don’t know if I have the strength to change the group and I also have to listen to why this is happening,” lamented the coach. downed after elimination against Athletic. “Now you cannot radically change everything in two or three days. The team has not had a chance at anything. If I have to play with a long ball, it’s difficult and that’s what we have to talk about. It seemed like it was the first time we played together“. This is precisely the obligation of the coach at this time.

I don’t know if I have the strength to change the group and I also have to listen to why this is happening


“Enough of the excuse of the experience“, the coach stopped after another defeat, this time against Barcelona in Mestalla. But the truth is that the Valencia squad is the youngest in the League and that he himself has asked that the winter reinforcement (it seems a chimera to speak in the plural) have experience and rhythm of matches.

But Who does the coach ask for transfers? from Valencia? Directly peter lim -The coach has been to Singapore twice, the last time during the World Cup break. Since this season, the president layhoon explained that the transfers will be made by consensus between the technical director, Miguel Corona, the coach and herself. But the go-ahead has been given by Lim since Singapore if the accounts.

With 20 points in 17 games, three of the descent and with the visit to pucela this weekend, the situation could go from critical to dramatic. The next three games for Valencia –Valladolid, Real Madrid and Girona- they are away from home. Right now, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a disadvantage or an advantage, as the environment is.

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