Valencia becomes the epicenter of the electoral campaign


The resistance of Podemos, the push of Vox and the Snchez-Feijo struggle are played in that territory

Irene Montero greets Alberto Garzn, with Ione Belarra behind.EFE
  • 28-M Sánchez and Feijo confront two country models in their first electoral duel
  • CIS Ximo Puig will be able to continue governing with Comproms in the Valencian Community

What happens to the political leaders in these elections happens to the rest of the Spaniards whenever the good temperatures begin: they all want to be in the Valencian Community. Citizens think of it as an escape to enjoy the beaches, leisure or gastronomy. And the parties yearn for it to conquer the promised land in these elections of the 28-M. The region has become the priority objective of the formations because, given that the political scene is quite tilted in the Community of Madrid in favor of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the real competition between left and right is fought in the Community.

The PSOE and Unidas Podemos, with the permission of Comproms, are defending their most important autonomous government at the polls, while the PP needs to deal a strong enough blow to Pedro Sánchez to establish the framework that we are facing a change of cycle in Spain. a government popular It would be that domino token that could trigger the repeal of sanchismo in the general elections. Well, there has not been a PP government in the history of Spain that has not had the Valencian Community as an electoral mainstay.

Alberto N.
Alberto Nez Feijo with the PP candidates Carlos Mazn (Valencian Generalitat) and Mara Jos Catal (Valencia City Council).bruqueEFE

Alberto Nez Feijo knows that, who has put the PP on the mission of unseating Ximo Puig, who is chaining two legislatures at the head of the Generalitat and who has the wind in favor of the polls for a third term, although in very difficult circumstances. tighter. This popular push, together with the scandal, detailed by THE WORLD, from the payments that his brother received from the Morella City Council when the Valencian president was mayor, leads to an even more bitter battle. And that this will not only be resolved by the support for PSOE and PP, respectively, but fundamentally by the results of the secondary ones in this fight: Comproms, Unidas Podemos and Vox. The first position on 28-M will not be decisive on this occasion. It will only be which of the two blocks rules: left or right.

The Valencian Community is the epicenter of the campaign and a crossroads of interests. What has been said, Feijo needs it to reach Moncloa and Sánchez to repeat another legislature. But it is that the others, those considered secondary, face their own ghosts here. Unidas Podemos walks with fear over the stony precipice that marks 5% of the votes. That is to say, the minimum threshold that marks entering or staying outside the Valencian Courts. Not reaching it would be catastrophic for the purple formation and, furthermore, it could precipitate the fall of the Valencian Government. Well, the Botnic Pact stands on three legs. That of the PSOE, that of Comproms and that of United We Can. If one breaks… The weakest is Unidas Podemos, well, Comproms, despite the sentimental turmoil that having lost someone Monica Oltrafaces the polls with a consolidated vote that consecrates them as Puig’s on-board partners.

In the case of Vox, there is an emergency but without the agony of being left out on the wire. Of course, a change of color in the Generalitat may depend on its results. It will always be to complete the expected strong growth of the PP at the cost of devouring the vote of Citizens. But that will not suffice popularaccording to all forecasts, it also needs to support that majority on a second leg because nothing and nobody imagines utopian heights like those reached by the PP in the Camps era.

With that weight, United We Can and Vox coincided yesterday in Valencia. It is already illuminating that both have wanted to start the race here. And more with a display of maximums. Ione Belarra, Irene Montero and Alberto Garzn headed the purple delegation to push Hector Illueca. In the same way as the president of Vox, Santiago Abascalhe went to the aid of his candidate, Carlos Flores. By the way, Feijo was there a day before and the city has also become a catwalk for socialist ministers in these previous days and for the next few days.

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The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal.EFE

In an act in the old food market of Valencia, in front of some 600 people, Unidas Podemos used as a claim in Valencia the intensification of its attacks against the owner of Mercadona, Juan Roig, against which they attacked presuming to do it in their own home. Belarra branded him a gangster by calling him a capo. He used that attack to contrast it with his star proposal this election, which is the creation of a network of public supermarkets that supply food and products at very low prices. Belarra said that with this they look the food oligopoly in the eye. Illueca then picked up the glove to present Roig as a cacique who has the servility of the media and who has subjected the Valencian political class, like Comproms.

In the same way, Unidas Podemos arms housing as its great electoral trump card. We have raised the banner of housing alone, he said, without the seal of United We Can, the housing policies of the PSOE and the PP are very similar to the policies that Banco Santander wants.

For its part, with the Plaza del Ayuntamiento as its setting, Vox chose nationalism as its axis: Valencia will never be a protectorate or a colony of Catalan separatism. We have come to prevent it, cried Santiago Abascal. The Vox leader left Feijo a notice and his plan to have solo governments, without Vox. That is an unacceptable resignation and an abandonment by the Spaniards who want to throw out the left. We will govern if there is an alternative majority, whether we are the first force or not.

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