Unidas Podemos and government partners stand up to the ICO housing guarantees


Given the star announcement by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the ICO housing guaranteesthe main partners of the Socialist Party have already positioned themselves against, and rejected said guarantees approved in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday.

After meeting in Congress, ERC and EH Bildu and their coalition government ally, Unidas Podemos, have turned their backs on Sánchez with this new measure that does not make it easy to approve the bill. new housing law. In addition, other parties such as ERC ask to tackle the housing problem with a new mortgage law.

The spokesman for the parliamentary group of United We Can, Pablo Echenique, has asked to rectify and recalled that the proposal also part of the bankfor which reason he affirmed that, since the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezis seen this Tuesday in Valencia with the president of Santander, Ana Botín, he could also announce an increase in the tax on bank profits.

Podemos describes this measure by Sánchez as an “error”

The spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, said on Tuesday that the PSOE “it is time to rectify“with the measure that the Government has planned that the ICO can guarantee mortgages, because there is a risk that the real estate bubble will swell again.

“We think that the PSOE still has time to rectify and continue along the path of housing policies such as those in the housing law, which we think is the path, and do not inflate the debt and a possible price bubble”, Echenique stated at a press conference in Congress.

Pablo Echenique has indicated that United We Can does not support the measurebut it will wait to know the legal form for which the Government chooses (decree, decree-law or bill) to study the possibilities of opposition.

For the spokesman for United We Can, “the error” of the PSOE would not be to carry out this measure with the PP and Vox, “which also”, but above all that there are reports that warn of the “negative impact” that it would have, because when The real estate bubble swells “everyone knows where the story ends”.

A campaign strategy?

Regarding the electoralism of which they accuse Sánchez for announcing this and other measures in socialist rallies, the spokesman for Unidas Podemos has indicated that all the parties do it; “When a good measure is proposed, even by electoralism, it is welcome, but when it is bad, it is not welcome,” he added.

The deputy of En Comú Podem Aina Vidal agreed with Echenique, who in another press conference recalled that “empirical studies” of a similar measure were carried out in the United Kingdom and it was verified that house prices and the benefits of the builders and large owners.

“There are much more effective measures and not these endorsements from the public,” stressed Vidal, who believes that the PSOE is taking advantage of the electoral campaign for these adswhen this government has “months left” ahead and they can sit down and debate “consensus” rules, without throwing “public resources in the trash.”

Both ERC and Bildu have agreed that the guarantees of the Official Credit Institute (ICO) to finance home purchases have failed in other countries, such as Great Britain, so repeating this model is a “useless” measure. EH Bildu has warned that “the right applauds” the guarantees, which he says will cause an increase in housing prices.

“It is contrary to the general interest, it benefits the owners, the banks and the speculators”, said the spokesperson for EH Bildu in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurúa, after stressing that “we are not convinced at all“. Bildu has left his position on the air, although he expresses his rejection. For his part, the BNG spokesman in Congress, Néstor Rego, has accused Sánchez of wanting to “scratch a few votes.”

Rego has agreed with other formations that these initiatives can cause “an opposite effect” and make housing prices increase, so, as an alternative, he has proposed the transfer of powers to the administrations to be able to do public housing.

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