UGT denounces the Lowpost digital platform for using false self-employed


The UGT union has denounced Lowpost, a digital platform created in 2014 in Valencia to write content on web pages, for the alleged fraudulent use of workers as freelancers before the General Directorate of Labor. As reported this Tuesday by the union led by Pepe Álvarez, the company has more than 65,000 editors, but only 23 workers are registered in the General Social Security Regime.

False self-employment is understood to be a worker who is registered in the RETA (Special Self-Employment Regime) but who actually does work for someone else; that is, a job as an employee. The companies that engage in this illegal practice seek to avoid certain responsibilities with Social Security, such as paying taxes for employing an employee. These are economic responsibilities that, through the figure of the false self-employed person, end up falling on the worker.

For this reason, UGT has accused the company of take on the guise of a middleman, but “fix all the terms for the preparation of the work, from the time, to the price and the taking of content”. As explained by the union, the platform, which requires a prior test and fill out a questionnaire in order to be selected as a writer, sets a price of 100 words per euro, although it operates with an auction system according to which the work takes the first who accepts the conditions.

This person must carry out the work in a certain time and upload it to the platform, to later be reviewed by a proofreader, who evaluates the writer with a score that positions him in a ranking and determines, among other things, his level of responsibility or volume. of work.

According to the union, all these people have to cede the intellectual property rights to the company, that for the moment has not manifested itself in this regard. UGT has also denounced that Lowpost applies a “fraudulent system that harms and makes the activity of its workers precarious” and has called for the approval of a directive that regulates the work of digital platforms.

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