Twelve days in prison for mistaking him for a drug trafficker in the raid of a “narco apartment” in Tetuán



The detainee lived for rent in one of the three rooms on the floor. In another of the rooms, the National Police found drugs.

Facade of the courts of Plaza de Castilla.ANTONIO M. XOUBANOVA

A 31-year-old Dominican man has spent 12 days in provisional prison after he was arrested in mid-February by the National Police in the search of a narco floor from Tetoun. The agents entered the home and found large amounts of drugs and money in one of the rooms. In another room was the young Dominican, who lived for rent. He was the only person in the house and the Police arrested him for an alleged crime against public health in the form of drug trafficking. The real drug dealer was not in the house at the time. He had left hours earlier, as later determined.

The defense of the imprisoned man fell to Juan Gonzalo Ospina, an expert lawyer in drug trafficking crimes. The lawyer requested his immediate release because there were no solid criminal indicationssince the test was of reference and he did not agree with the accusations towards his client as he did not observe solid indications of any criminality that would suggest that he was a drug trafficker.

For Ospina, everything it was an error resulting from the inappropriate place of residence of his client, who for six months had rented a room in the property under investigation. In his stay, the police did not find drugs, although they did find amounts of money that raised suspicions of irregular activity, according to the lawyer.

this same week the head of court number 27 of Madrid has issued the provisional release order of the man based on the request of his lawyer and adding, in addition, the absence of flight risk and the scarce possibility of some type of criminal reiteration, argued by the criminal defense.

It was the president of the community of Teruel de Tetun street who, before the neighbors were fed up, asked the National Police for help. The residents were convinced that a narco floor, which also generated frequent neighborhood problems due to the constant movement of people entering and leaving it. In addition, there was dirt in the common areas aggravated by the appearance of syringes and even consumers sleeping on the landings.

The agents began an investigation phase for more than four months. During that time they obtained conversations, testimonies, photographs, identification of users and possible drug dealers. A large police report where the surveillance records recorded the situation.

Finally, first thing in the morning on February 16, and with judicial authorization,l Registration of the property by the Madrid Narcotics and Organized Crime Group. The apartment had three rooms. In one of them, significant amounts of cash and significant amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and ketamine were seized. The only person on the floor was sleeping in another of the rooms: the Dominican man who from the outset stated that he had nothing to do with any crime, as his defense has shown. The investigation continues to locate the alleged drug trafficker.

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