Transfers: Sergio Ramos, Isco and other illustrious free players with no known destination

ANDhe 1st of July is the day in which the players are released from their contracts and they can sign for a new team. Although the reality is that many of those footballers who on the 30th will cease to be linked to their current club You already know which company will pay you from day 1. Despite the fact that the official opening of the market is set for Saturday, it’s rare that the most sought-after free agents arrive at that date without knowing where they will play next season. But there are.

For example Sergio Ramos, who announced his departure from PSG almost a month ago and that it continues without destination. The 37-year-old central defender has spent two years in Paris after closing his stage of 16 seasons in the real Madrid… and it is not known what his next step will be. With the saudi arabian league Strengthening himself daily, it is easy to think that Ramos will be one of his targets. But the camero believes that the body still holds up for the elite and does not close the door on his dream of returning to Sevillehis first sports home.

It was precisely from Seville that Isco Alarcn left paying prices in December. after winning his fifth Champions League with Real Madridthe man from Malaga finished his contract and signed as a free agent for the Seville of a Lopetegui who knew him well. But Julen’s early dismissal, the arrival of Sampaoli and a fight with Monchi they caused their adventure in Nervin to last only a few months. After his frustrated signing by Union Berlinhe has been seen crushing himself in the gym while waiting for a call from a team.

AND Hazard, clear. The Belgian terminated his contract with the real Madridsorry part of the money that corresponds to collect until June 2024… and nothing more is known about him. With hardly any rumors about his next step and after a few years of continuous devaluation at the white club, his future is unknown. Both for its destination and for the performance it can offer wherever it goes.

They are the three visible faces of free agency, but not the only ones. And there are names that surprise, such as David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper continues without sealing his renewal with Manchester United and he finds himself in a strange limbo from which he may soon be released. According to the English media, De Gea had reached an agreement to lower his record and had signed the new contract… but not so the club, which has now been taken off the hook with a new request for a salary reduction.

Also enter free agency Iigo Martinez. Although it seems that his agreement with Barcelona has been closed for a month, the Barça club has not yet made its incorporation official. A limbo that can also be framed within the politics of some clubs to do business from day 1 for it to count in the following year. Also free, after leaving Barcelona, ​​is a Jordi Alba the one they are waiting for Messi and Busquets in Miami but still has a European market.

And if we follow the list, there are a handful of footballers who said goodbye to their clubs on the last day of LaLiga, such as Illarramendi, Hugo Mallo or Mariano, and that it is not known where they will go. Not to mention the international market, strongly conditioned by offers from Saudi Arabia, where we find Firmino, Diego Costa, Joao Moutinho, a James who left Olympiacos in April… Very desirable players whom European clubs could retain and prevent their departure to United States or Asia.

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