Tour de France 2023: Tadej Pogacar: “I’m not one of those who dwell on negative things, I get up quickly”


No.or will win Tour de France. He will be second in the Paris box, but his charisma and offensive character have caused the public to turn to his figure. during this Big Boucle has unleashed, even more, the Tadejmana. The Slovenian, more humane than ever, attends to BRAND in the final phase of the race.

Ask. It has probably been his most complicated Tour. How did you live that vibrant duel with Vingegaard that he is having millionaire audiences?

Answer. It has been a great fight in this Tour de France. I think the fans have had a really nice show, not just between me and Jonas, but with all the riders and what has been seen in the race. It feels like a special time for cycling.

Pogacar, posing for the camera. Photo: Fizza (UAE Team)

Q. What do your loved ones tell you? He’s had her family follow him on the road.

R. There have been a lot of Slovenian fans on the roads during this Tour. My parents, along with my little sister, have been following the race in a camper van since the second week. My other brothers also came to visit the race and it’s good to have them around. My girlfriend Urska has also been here. [Urka igart es ciclista del Jayco Alula y tuvo un accidente en el Giro el da que Tadej se dej tiempo en los Pirineos] which is always special to me.

We feel that we are creating a special time for cycling.

Pogacar, to BRAND

I work hard, but I’m lucky to call this my job.

Pogacar, to BRAND

Q. For the first time in history, during the time trial, you felt a great defeat. How does one get up from a blow like that? is it difficult?

R. Naturally, I was disappointed in what happened immediately after. Honestly, I don’t think he did a bad time trial, but Jonas was and is stronger and there is no other way than to congratulate him on what he is doing.

An initial fall and a bird that hurts Tadej Pogacar: “I’m dead”

I can’t believe all the support you’re giving me. On Wednesday’s climb there were thousands of people cheering. Then my family arrived, my girlfriend, the people from the team… I’m grateful to all the fans!

Q. In front of the cameras, you never lose your smile, even if problems arise, does the procession go inside?

R. Normally I’d say I’m a pretty happy guy. We all have quieter moments of reflection, that’s normal, but I’m not one to dwell on negative things too much, I move on pretty quickly.

Vingegaard destroys Pogacar and ties up half the Tour against the clockSNTV

Q. Despite the fact that, except for a major surprise, you did not win the Tour, you came out almost as a winner due to the love of the people, why do you think this phenomenon has been unleashed?

R. The energy of the people who support cycling is something really special and unique. I’m a normal kid who enjoys riding a bike and if I can maybe inspire some kids to get on a bike and play sports then that makes me very happy. I work hard, but I’m also very lucky to call this my job.

Pogacar does not care about everything: Mortal backwards with the Tour at stake!

Q. Return to have the rematch in 2024?

R. Now it’s too early to tell.

Giro y Vuelta are important in cycling heritage, I want to experience them

Pogacar, to BRAND

Q. Will we see you in this Tour or making your debut in the next Giro d’Italia?

R. I don’t think I will do this year’s Vuelta, but I really want to go back there in the future [fue 3 en 2019]. It’s the same about the Giro, I’m not in a rush, but as a cyclist it’s a race, like LaVuelta, which are important in cycling heritage and, naturally, I want to experience them. But time is still on my side… fortunately.

Recovered thanks to everyone’s support

He said it this Thursday after the stage: “the people in the peloton have raised my morale”. The collapse at the Col de la Loze, which left him with hardly any chance of fighting for the yellow jersey of the Tour, has made him feel more loved than ever. “I slept well, in the end the day ended well, I was able to recover. It is true that I was very affected, but everyone in the peloton encouraged me. It was good to have a slightly calmer day”he told the media shortly after crossing the finish line. Pogacar, winner of the 2020 and 2021 editions and second last year, is now 7’35” behind the leader Vingegaard, with two stages to go before the winner’s triumphant walk through the Champs Elysees.

Matxin: “Vingegaard and Jumbo have proven to be superior and there is no need to make excuses”

Matxin, about his pupil: “What we did was give him a kiss and tuck him in”

In UAE they don’t make excuses. His greatest rival has been superior and it is time to work harder to be better. Spot. Joxean Fernndez Matxin pass por the MARCA micro and shows the feelings of the team after the collapse of Pogacar in Col de la Loze. “There is a great atmosphere in the team, a great atmosphere. Marc went out of his way to Tadej, Rafa did the same to Adam, when he could have been second in the stage… we are very proud of them. They are my heroes”, Matxin highlights. In this sense, the coach does not want to venture changes in the Slovenian’s calendar: “We have to raise it internally. In four participations in the Tour he accumulates two first and two seconds.”

The champion who is also losing

The opinion of Nacho Labarga

You can win by losing, or without being the best. Tadej Pogacar He has hooked everyone thanks to his Tour on offense. He attacked until Vingegaard’s ‘goat’ ended up taking him out of the race. The agony of him in the Col de la Loze, where he was seen to suffer like never before, caused the public to empathize with a runner who wins from January to December. That he has fun and makes everyone have fun wherever he goes. In vingegaard He has found a major rival, someone who has defeated him in the last two editions of the ‘Grande Boucle’.

A man of ice, Danish, who borders on perfection and who has one of the most powerful teams in history. Against all this the Slovenian fights, who until now had never tasted the bitterness of such a clear defeat. His difference with the first, if he stays that way and comes second, will be the longest of the century. From the rebellious lock of youthful joy, he has gone on to the cursed herpes and the paleness of his face.

Insufficient reasons to leave and inconsequential when it comes to continuing to want to honor the most important career of all. The way of taking blows, of being self-critical and handing out praise, of facing defeat after all, have multiplied his interest. And the followers in networks and outside of them. Being human, champions are even more champions… even if they don’t win.

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