Toni Nadal and his secret to success


What is success? Is it enough to have talent to achieve it? Those are the questions we often ask ourselves when looking at the careers of successful people. Careers like that of Rafa Nadal, who went from being an unknown young promise from Manacor to reaching number 1 on the ATP circuit and being considered one of the best tennis players in history. An unquestionable success that was forged on the skills of the player himself, but in which the inspiring teachings of his uncle and trainer Toni Nada were fundamentalhe.

“Improving is difficult. It costs and it has its process, and you have to know it… We want things to happen immediately and that’s very difficult,” Toni comments in a recent conversation with Pablo Mas, CEO of the shoe brand yuccsin which the Mallorcan coach stresses the importance of discipline and perseverance to achieve success.

And it’s not that Toni ignores the crucial role played by the talent or starting skills of each one, but he is convinced that excellence is only achieved if dedication and work are put into projects and objectives.

Step hard and step well

In the conversation with Pablo Mas, the coach also highlights the importance of having the right tools to prevent injury and maintain health. “In the world of sports, footwear has become a fundamental part, not only when it comes to providing greater comfort, but also to prevent various injuries,” she points out.

This approach that Toni Nadal applies to his training philosophy is also reflected in his recent association with the Mallorcan shoe firm Yuccs, which this year celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Both parties share not only a successful track record originating in Mallorca, but also values ​​such as the work, discipline, self-demand and attitude, which makes them the perfect team. “Toni Nadal clearly represents the spirit of effort and tenacity, values ​​that are part of our company’s DNA,” says Mas in the aforementioned conversation.

Since its founding, yuccs has known how to combine aesthetics and comfort with the higher quality standards and all podiatric guarantees, so that stepping hard and stepping well go hand in hand. Hence, it has become one of the most demanded footwear brands in Spain. In addition, all of their slippers are made in a sustainable and with natural materialscreating a product that, as Toni points out, has “double value. It is a great success.”

Succeed through demand and perseverance

There are many factors that Toni and Yuccs share. Apart from that Mallorcan essence and origin, both are united by values ​​such as demand, passion or perseverance through which the Mallorcan firm has managed to achieve excellent results from the same commitment to perseverance and discipline that Toni Nadal considers fundamental to achieve success and be number 1. Also innovation and the ability to reinvent oneself as his nephew has done at various times in his career.

This is the culture that has allowed Yuccs to become the footwear recommended by podiatrists and that have become a must for lovers of style and comfort throughout Spain. Brand ambassadors, after all, as Toni Nadal officially is.

If you want to try the shoes, you can discover the entire catalog of the brand at You can try any of the models for 30 days without obligation, because changes and returns are free.


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