This is how the couple who won more than a million euros with the Lottery celebrates their wedding


get win a millionaire prize It is the dream of all those who try their luck. Some of the most popular illusions are traveling, buying a home or paying debts, but a Cornish couple took advantage of the fact that they won a prize of one million pounds, which means a little more than a million euros in exchange, to prepare the wedding of your dreams.

Christine and Nick, a couple living in Cornwall, began to prepare their wedding after more than two years of relationship. Marriage is a very important decision and the couple I was looking forward to your big day without expecting that days before the link they would also be the protagonists at win a millionaire prize.

A million pound wedding gift

A totally unexpected wedding gift, the new millionaire Christine assured the portal The National Lottery that we had never “played the National Lottery” but, for some reason, they followed the instinct of one of Nick’s co-workers who urged them to They will play the lottery that same weekend.

The couple, with more than two years of relationship, had the best imaginable wedding gift, more than one million euros, to finalize the details of their big day. Christine, who has four children from a previous relationship, assures the same medium that she was so stunned when she realized they were millionaires, we literally fell out of bed.

This is how Christine found out she was a millionaire

Christine recounted that the day after the drawing she reviewed the winning numbers and realized that they had won an award, but to make sure “I woke up my stepson to check.” He confirmed that they had won, but nervous, she preferred to check his ticket at a store in his town.

‘My God, you have won the lottery!’, was what the local worker told her when checking the ticket in the terminal and dazed, Christine went home and decided to call the customer service number of the National Lottery to check again that she was a millionaire, since that an operator assured him that “has won a million pounds sterling.”

News of the incredible victory spread quickly as Christine’s family gathered at her home as they waited for Nick, 55, to return from work. When she arrived at the home they shared, one of her daughters asked her “what would you do with 1 million pounds?. Her response was a simple “I don’t know” while in her face the confusion was turned by the commotion that his family had, which told him the excellent news.

Thanks to the millionaire prize he will fulfill his dream

This great news was undoubtedly a surprise that crowned their wedding preparations. Christine assured that “it was a magical day, even more knowing that we were millionaires, for both of us it was the most unbelievably happy day with all our family”.

With the prize of one million, Christine gave her already husband a new van and hopes to fulfill his dream. The new millionaire hopes to swim with dolphins very soon, “I can’t guarantee that I’ll get in the water, but seeing them up close in the sea will be a dream come true,” said Christine.

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