These towns offer cheap rent for those who can telework in Spain

He telecommuting has brought with it the possibility of changing the place of residence without having to lose the job. Although there are many urbanites who love living in big cities, not everyone is made of the same material or has the same monthly budget. Housing and general cost of living It is usually much higher in large urban centers and, in addition, the hectic rhythms and traffic jams can trigger stress levels.

For those workers who decide bet on another kind of life, calmer and with greater possibilities of reconciliation, teleworking allows you to look for other places of residence that are more comfortable than a big city. The towns become a great option for those who want to escape the city and lead a calmer pace of life, many times healthier and cheaper.

If we are looking for something in between, the most indicated small provincial capitals, due to various factors, including the most contained prices, they are great options. Merida, Badajoz, Tarragona, Lleida, Teruel, Huesca… They are all cities of a contained size, with the services typical of a city, adjusted prices for rentals and home purchases, and great tranquility. In addition, for those who do not want to telework, in these towns there are several sectors of industry and services in which physical work can be found.

Villages to telework with cheap housing

However, if what we want are towns to live in, we can choose the best destination for teleworking by guiding ourselves, on the one hand, for house prices. In these municipalities we can even access the purchase of a spacious home, something that seems impossible in large cities like Madrid, Barcelona…

Following this search filter, a study published by Bankiter detects the cheapest homes in the towns of the Spanish geography, of which we highlight these five. rockrose wretch (Castilla-La Mancha) is less than an hour from Toledo and the square meter is 329 euros. Bullas (Murcia) is priced at 426 euros and is 40 minutes from the capital. In bembibre (Castilla y León), the square meter costs 437 euros and is one hour from León and 20 minutes from Ponferrada. The place is spectacular and very quiet.

On the other hand, Covelo, in Galicia, it has 2,500 inhabitants and housing costs 512 euros per meter. Bellpuig is just 36 kilometers from Lérida and housing costs 533 euros per square meter. Finally, in ricla (Aragon), housing costs less than half of what it is in Zaragoza and is less than an hour from the city.

The villages to telework with the best internet connection

Using other search criteria, the Fotocasa real estate portal has its own selection of the best towns in which to go to telework and not so much for a lower cost of daily life, but by your internet connection. And it is that it is already known that in some smaller and hidden towns the network does not always reach well.

So, The towns with the best 5G network for teleworking are: La Olla Throat (Extremadura), Fresno de Sayago (Zamora), Anguciana (La Rioja), Riu de Cerdanya (Catalonia), Labastida (Álava), Arenzana de Abajo (La Rioja), Casas de Don Gómez (Extremadura), Táliga (Extremadura), Campezo (Basque Country), Ainzón (Aragón), Valverde del Majano (Segovia), Casalarreina (La Rioja), Agoncillo (La Rioja), Santa María de la Alameda (Madrid) and Arcos (Burgos).

Finally, if we still do not have a destination in mind or decided, we can use tools such as the National Network of Welcoming Townsa portal where you can find the best locations for teleworking, classified by their internet connection or by the services they offer their residents.

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