These are the pensioners who will not receive all the extra summer pay


This 2023 is marked by the rise in the consumer price index (CPI). Following this metric, neither pensioners nor retirees lose so much purchasing power due to inflation. The increase in money received by pensioners It has been 8.5%, reaching an increase of about 101 euros. Likewise, the retired, also saw a rise to 116.70 euros. With less than a month to go before the arrival of summer, it is very common for many to wonder about their summer bonus pay.

Every year, as summer approaches, retirees and pensioners receive the extra summer pay along with his pension. The amount of the extra pay is the same as that of a normal monthly payment.

According to him latest Social Security reportthe half board is 1,193.10 euros. Therefore, pensioners will have to pay a total of 2,386.2 euros. On the other hand, the retired will see a sum of €2,745.96.

Pensioners who will not receive all the extra summer pay

The pensions of any of the schemes that make up the Social Security system are paid by due natural monthly payments and are settled in 14 payments. These correspond to one for each of the months of the year and two extraordinary payments. There are some exceptions, such as when they derive from an accident at work or an occupational disease. In this case, 12 payments will be entered, since the extraordinary ones are prorated in regular monthly installments.

Social Security has a wide range of benefits. Within these, some pensioners do not have the right to fully collect the summer bonus.

Currently, to receive the extra summer pay it is necessary take into account the type of pension that we are receiving and the moment in which we access the benefit.

Social Security is based on two time periods to establish the duration of the months necessary to benefit from this extra payment. That is, to be able to access the totality of the summer bonus, we must have been receiving the aid from December 1 to May 31. On the other hand, to receive the christmas bonuswill be from June 1 to November 30.

Therefore, to understand the reason why some pensioners will not receive the full summer bonus corresponding to the month of June, must be taken into account when it was requested. That’s why, a sixth part will be paid for each of the months between December of the previous year and the month in which the suspension of the pension receipt occurs wave cause of extinction this.

When pensioners receive the extra summer pay

Social Security has already announced that the collection of the extra summer pay will be carried out from June 1. But, it must be taken into account that the TGSS is the one who issues the payment to the banking entities since June 25.

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