These are the most discussed and debated proposals of the 23J electoral campaign


The debates and discussions of the general election campaign of 23-J have not focused on face and analyze the programs presented by each political party. In fact, only Some proposals have been enough flashy enough to have become a topic of conversation.

Thus, many of the measures are not discussed more important of the programs do not even compare the ideas of each party, but the voters defend or attack to politicians based on the promises they more are commented on television and other media.

While points of great relevance pass unnoticedalmost without mentioning, in debates, rallies and interviews, certain parts of the program that can be more controversialas the “inheritance” for young people of €20,000 proposed by the party of Yolanda Díaz, the VAT reduction in meat and fish products of the PP or the gratuity of the urban transport for young people that the PSOE has added to its program are discussed almost daily in the media and on the street.

The young, target of the PSOE

Of the PSOE’s program for these elections, it stands out a promise already launched in the previous campaignthat of the municipal 28M, two months ago, that of building 183,000 public housing for rent, half of them for youths.

The socialists have not hidden that target youthtraditionally quite abstentionistas his target for mobilize the voteafter, precisely, the old people will enjoy one of its star measures of the final stretch of the legislature: the great increase in pensions at 8.5% by 2023.

Other electoral promises of the PSOE targeting young voters are the totally free of rates university and FP for students who pass the first time and the transport pass Free urban public up to 24 years old.

The PP points to VAT

Neither the main measures that the PP has included in its program have been a surprise, because they had already been repeated in previous months, such as deflate personal income tax (adjust its sections to inflation) and reduce VAT to meat, fish and preserves.

These products are now taxed at reduced rate of 10% and the PP wants them to go to a super low ratewhile the VAT would be reduced for hairdressers from 21 to 10%according to a campaign promise not included in the program.

In addition, it has once again earned a space veteran proposalthe “austrian backpack“, a guadiana that has already surfaced more times when the polls are approaching in Spain since twenty years ago it was implanted in Austria at the indemnities be eliminated for dismissal.

That backpack is a extra salary that the worker accumulates instead of charging and what does he take with him if change companyto dispose of it in case unemploymentor at the end of his Laboral life.

From the PP program, for the rest, its announcements of laws to repealas the living place and democratic memoryoh reviewas the educationalthat of universitiesthe trans and the one of the euthanasiaas well as the intention of a unique selectivitywithout differences for autonomous communitieseven if it is a transferred competence, and the elimination of the tax on great fortunes.

Vox’s law bin

The list of laws to repeal of the Vox program exceeds that of the PP, which in most cases prefers to refer to legislative reforms.

Given the opportunity, Vox will suppress the validity of the laws of gender violenceof the abortion, transof euthanasiaof democratic memory, LGBTIof the only yes is yesof living placeof climate changeetc.

Vox also promises suppress taxes Like the ones of great fortunes, patrimony and inheritanceeliminate VAT for the purchase of Habitual housing and simplify personal income tax with a bar of 70,000 euros for income: if less is earned, it would be taxed at 15% and if it is exceeded, at 25%.

ban the informative pickets in strikes or try undo communities Autonomous communities created with the Constitution are other aspirations that Vox includes.

Work less and redistribute more, desires of Sumar

The Sumar Coalition will reduce by law the working day to 37.5 hours per week and also undertakes to negotiate with the social agents a reduction until 32 hours.

Revalue the SMI above the CPI is another promise of Sumar in the workplace, while perhaps his most talked about this campaign is “universal heritage“, which consists of young people having all €20,000 to continue studying or start a professional career.

The right to that “inheritance” is acquired from the 18 yearsbut it is done effective at 23and its financing will be provided by a new tax on the super-rich.

The creation of Half a million of jobs linked to the renewable energy“green jobs”, is another outstanding promise of Sumar, which also intends to include the oral health, optics, physiotherapy and mental health in the catalog of health system services.

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