These are the changes in the subsidy for people over 52 years of age for this 2023


The allowance for people over 52 years of age presents important novelties for this new year of 2023. This is the case, for example, of the increase in amounts by 8.5%, which will be effective from this same month of January. But that’s not all, because what many unemployed people, aged 52 or over, still don’t know today is that theye can combine the collection of financial aid with a job position.

This measure, promoted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, led by Minister Yolanda Díaz, and which was launched on March 3, 2022, seeks to encourage the labor insertion of this vulnerable group of workers, as long as the contract, whether eventual or permanent, has a duration of less than three months. This substantial modification is reflected in the sixth final provision of the Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of December 28, of urgent measures for the labor reform, the guarantee of stability in employment and the transformation of the labor market.

In any case, it should be remembered that this subsidy is aimed at those citizens in Spain who have exhausted the unemployment benefit and comply with a series of requirementsas it is have contributed at least 15 years for retirement and 6 years for unemployment to Social Security. In addition, for it to be granted by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), you cannot receive income of more than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, that is, more than 750 euros. It is important to know that today the SMI is set by the Government of Spain at 1,000 euros gross divided into 14 payments per year.

New amount of the 52-year-old subsidy for 2023

The monthly amount of the unemployment subsidy is equal to 80% of the public multiple-effect income indicator (IPREM). Therefore, after the revaluation of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income, it is an index that the Government uses as a reference for the granting of aid or subsidies. Therefore, in 2023 the amount for the subsidy for the subsidy for people over 52 years of age is 480 euros per month.

  • For natural persons with up to 27,000 euros of annual income in 2022 and have a patrimony less than 75,000 euros annually as of December 31 of this year.
  • Beneficiaries must have completed during 2022 an activity on your own or someone else’s accountfor which they are registered in the corresponding Social Security or mutual insurance scheme, or have been beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit or subsidy, in addition to having their habitual residence in Spain.

However, some vulnerable groups, as in the case of pensioners and recipients of the Minimum Vital Incomethey will not be entitled to receive this financial aid.

The check for 200 euros: is it compatible with the subsidy?

Yes, as long as the beneficiary does not get to receive 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, that is, 750 euros per month. However, in addition, you must comply with the requirements adopted by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to cash the check for 200 euros to buy food, whose request will be available through the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency from February 15. Precisely in this sense, the deadline for requesting help ends on March 31.

Why can they take away my 52-year-old allowance?

The State Public Employment Service can stop the collection of the subsidy for people over 52 years of age with up to six months of temporary suspension depending on the offenses committed, which are classified into three different degrees: minor, serious and very serious.

  • Not attending appointments with SEPE staff without a justified cause.
  • Not going to appointments with public employment services or employment agencies, except for justified reasons.
  • Send the receipt after the deadline that you attended the appointments with the public employment services or agencies to cover job offers.
  • Not meeting the activity commitment requirements related to the subsidy (job search or training).
  • Not giving SEPE the necessary or correct information to receive notifications.
  • Not maintaining or not renewing the registration as a job seeker.
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