These are the 7,687 places by province


January 21, that is, next Saturday, will be the day on which the deadline to register for the oppositions to Post Officewith a total of 7,687 permanent job positions, making it the largest public offer of the State Company in decades. Among the positions offered, they are classified as motorized delivery, walking delivery, customer service and classification agent, both part-time and full-time.

To all this we must add other 70 places for people with disabilities, through the specific procedure conventionally provided, in order to contribute to their integration into employment. On the other hand, and as a novelty for this call, Correos publishes the agenda for free. Likewise, among the general requirements to access these oppositions, the interested parties must be in possession of the Compulsory Secondary Education title (ESO), School Graduate, official qualification that replaces it, or knowledge, experience and skills, acquired in the performance of their profession, equivalent to this degree.

As regards how the personnel selection tests indefinite, first of all, you will have to pass a questionnaire of 100 multiple choice questions, in a maximum time of 110 minutes. The evaluation of this phase will reach a maximum of 60 points. On the other hand, the contest phase will add a total of 40 points.

In this second part, other aspects such as training courses, academic training, driving licences, languages, seniority in the Post Office, have worked in the requested province or be in the Job Market. Likewise, both the training courses and the accreditation of language knowledge will be evaluated on February 20. With regard to when the first test will be carried out, it should be emphasized that the exam will have to be carried out no later than December 31 of this year.

Post Office Plazas 2023 by provinces

First of all, it should be remembered that there are offers 7,757 places, a historic call so far. As for the provinces where there are more public employment offers summoned are Madrid (784), Barcelona (1,083), Valencia (424), Vizcaya (300) and Alicante (282). However, it is vitally important to know that all the Spanish provinces, together with the two autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, offer Post Office posts. An important note. When registering, the candidate must select a maximum of up to eight jobs in a single province.

Correos distribution of places by provinces
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