The winning result of the EuroMillions of Friday, July 14, 2023

This Friday, July 14, 2023, the EuroMillions puts into play a pot with 17 million euros, because the previous jackpot of 73 million was divided between two British citizens during the draw last Tuesday.

The winning combination of this Friday, July 14, has been the following: 5, 8, 29, 35 and 48. The stars have been 5 and 6. The winning combination with ‘El Millón’ has been the following: RMW88194.

The biggest prize ever distributed in the history of the EuroMillions, 230 million euros, was won by a British citizen on July 19, 2022. With this jackpot, he surpasses the anonymous citizen of France, who held first place until now with 220 million euros.

How today’s EuroMillions prizes are distributed

A possible alternative to play this type of lottery draw without leaving too much money is to do it in a group. The clubs or syndicates allow you to buy the EuroMillions tickets together and later, if the ticket is a winner, The prize is distributed among all the participants.. In this way, the bet for each player is less than usual, but allowing more chances of winning.

The prizes corresponding to the EuroMillions jackpot are distributed according to the number of hits of both the figures and the stars that the player has chosen:

  • 1st Category: 5 numbers and 2 stars
  • 2nd Category: 5 numbers and 1 star
  • 3rd Category: only the 5 numbers
  • 4th Category: 4 numbers and the 2 stars
  • 5th Category: 4 numbers and 1 star
  • 6th Category: 4 numbers
  • 7th Category: 3 numbers and the 2 stars
  • 8th Category: 2 numbers and the 2 stars
  • 9th Category: 3 numbers and 1 star
  • 10th Category: 3 numbers
  • 11th Category: 1 number and 2 stars
  • 12th Category: 2 numbers and 1 star
  • 13th Category: if 2 numbers are correct

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