The winning result of the Bonoloto draw this Tuesday, July 18


The raffle of the Bonoloto held this Tuesday, July 18, by State Lotteries and Betting (Selae) in Spain already has a winning combination.

Winning combination of the Bonoloto on Tuesday, July 18

On this occasion, the winning ticket was the one with the winning combination that chance has wanted is made up of the numbers 04, 07, 10, 24, 25 and 43. The complementary number is 02 and the refund is 5 (only for the daily game).

The draw has ended with a only winner of First Category validated in Bóveda (Lugo) that will receive more than one million euros. The winning ticket has been validated at the Receiving Office number 49,530 located at Avenida Alfonso XIII, 79. Specifically, its owner has taken a total of 1,038,286.36 euros.

Of Second Category (five hits plus additional) two successful tickets have been counted and validated at the Receiving Office number 3,605 of Elda (Alicante), located at Juan Carlos I, 33 and at number 98,510 of Collado Villalba (Madrid), located in Anacleto Lopez, 4.

How much do I earn if I have five correct answers and the complementary one?

The Bonoloto draws are carried out Monday to Sunday at 9:30 p.m. in the State Lottery and Betting Hall, and they are public and can be seen live until full capacity is reached, but they are also broadcast live through the Lottery website. Likewise, from State Lotteries and Gambling it is recalled that these raffles are stored in the video library of your website to view whenever you want.

Such clarification came after a few months ago two combinations were almost the same within a few hours of each other. In social networks the controversy jumped, but Lotteries settled it quickly. In statements to La Información they assured that “it is a coincidence; in fact, the numbers did not come out in the same order in the two draws,” he concluded.

No wonder so much fuss because if the winning numbers on Thursday March 9 were 8-21-23-40-43-47 with the complementary 26 and 7 refund, only 48 hours later on Saturday March 11 the winning ticket contained the numbers 8-21-23-28-40-47 with the same complementary, 26, and the same refund, 7.

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