The tourism sector closed 2022 with an increase of 160,000 jobs


The Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Reyes Maroto, advanced this Monday that the Employment in the tourism sector will have closed 2022 with 2.4 million seats of work, with a growth of 160,000 in the year, in record numbers.

The specific data will be published next Wednesday but the minister has advanced these large figures in addition to the arrival of 80.4 million passengers by airat levels close to those prior to the pandemic, in 2019.

At the closing of the IX Hotusa Innovation Forumorganized by the hotel chain, Maroto has also pointed out that, in the absence of December data on international tourist entries and associated spending -which the National Institute of Statistics will publish at the beginning of February-, by 2022, 95% of the 2019 volumes will have been recoveredthat is, nine out of ten people who came then and the corresponding expense.

For 2023 the forecasts are also optimistic judging by the hotel reservations and plane seats in the first weeks, which leads the minister to advance that this year the figures for foreign tourist arrivals and spending will set new records, above those of the previous maximum, of 2019.

The minister explained that of the 3,400 million euros with which the Recovery Plan for the tourism sector was endowed, as of December 31 2,412 million had been authorized of euros, investments that “soon” will translate into results

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