the scam that returns with the distribution of the vote


The scam that returns in Spain and can steal more money than ever has to do with the Post Office. Whether it’s because some people are waiting to receive the documentation to be able to vote by mail and be able to go on vacation or because they took advantage of the discounts of the prime day a few days ago and are waiting to receive their purchases, there are many who They are waiting to receive some kind of information of these shipments. This is well known to criminals, who take advantage of this circumstance to once again launch a campaign supplanting the state Post Office and thus try to steal personal information and information related to our credit cards.

The SMS from Correos that you should not open

Joseph Alborsdirector of research and awareness at ESET Spain, warns about a SMS impersonating Post Office, a scam that reappears in a key week. “As we are accustomed to only receiving communications from trusted entities such as our bank and some official body, it is not strange that many users give more credibility to notifications that reach them by this means than by another, such as e-mail”.

So things, malicious campaigns SMS of all kinds have been spreading throughout our country in recent years, several of them carried out by the Post Office and other courier companies, using alleged customs payments or pending package deliveries as a hook. “This time we see how they tell us in the SMS that information is missing to be able to deliver the package, providing us with a link that tries to pass itself off as legitimate,” the expert details.

Cybercriminals know that these days it is quite likely that some of the users who have received this SMS and are waiting for a package or letter sent by the Post Office think that they are in front of a legitimate website if they have followed the instructions of the SMS and in reality they are entering a fraudulent website with all the appearance of the Post Office, without being her.

The new Post Office scam, step by step

Once on that website, hethe victim is ‘trapped’ following the steps. The first thing you ask is click on the option “Schedule your delivery”, Thinking that this way they will be able to receive their shipment shortly. This link redirects to a section of the web where personal data such as name, surname, postal address, telephone number and email are requested. This data can be used by criminals to run more personalized campaigns against us or even sell them to other criminals. However, the information they are really looking for is requested below.

Fraudulent Post Office website

Fraudulent Post Office website


At this point, it is when request a small payment to proceed with the supposed shipment of the expected package, for which the introduction of the data of our credit card in order to make this payment. Obviously, with this information in their possession, criminals can proceed to make purchases and pay for services online charged to the balance of our card, something that, depending on the issuing entity and the configuration of the protection against this type of fraud, may cause us more or less damage.

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