The requirements to apply for the €480 subsidy of up to 21 months duration


Sometimes it can happen that an employee who has become unemployed have contributed to Social Security for less than a year and that, therefore, you cannot apply for the unemployment benefit, managed by the State Public Employment Service. However, what many unemployed do not know is that among the social benefits, the SEPE grants the subsidy for insufficient contributionThe main requirement is always that you have worked for at least three months. This aid has the novelty that its amount increases in 2023, so it goes from 463.21 euros per month to 480 euros per month.

As for his duration, will depend on the number of months that they have contributed, although the minimum that the beneficiary of this subsidy can collect is three months, although it may be higher if they have family responsibilities or not. In the event that they have family responsibilities, the subsidy will last 3, 4 or 5 months, if they have contributed 3, 4 or 5 months, respectively. If you have family responsibilities, This aid could be extended up to 21 monthsif you have contributed for 6 or more months and it can be extended for periods of 6 months until its final duration.

What are the requirements to request the subsidy of 480 euros

To apply for the 480-euro subsidy, popularly known as the ‘mini strike’, the following requirements must be met in 2023, as detailed on the SEPE website:

  • You will have to be unemployed and be registered as a job seeker. Do not forget that said registration must be maintained throughout the period of perception and sign the activity commitment.
  • The citizen who requests it, You will have to have paid unemployment at least 3 months if you have family responsibilities, or at least 6 months if you do not, and less than 360 days. It is vitally important to know that in the case of having contributed for 360 days, you would already be entitled to the contributory benefit, that is, unemployment.
  • It will not be possible to receive income of any type greater than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, which is now set at 1,000 euros gross per month.

When, where and how do I process the SEPE mini strike?

The right to the subsidy for insufficient contribution will be born the day after the legal situation of unemployment, so you must submit the application at within 15 business days, which starts counting from the day after the legal situation of unemployment. As for the ways to present this aid, they are the following:

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