The Public Treasury launches this week two new auctions of 6 and 12-month bills


This week investors have a new opportunity in which the ‘fever’ for the Public Treasury has already become. The Spanish organism will appeal again to the market The next Tuesday with an auction of bills at six and twelve monthswhile the interest in this type of instrument on the part of individuals continues to grow.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, assured that during the first weeks of the year, the Treasury website has received requests for purchase of debt by individuals for a value of 1,100 million euros. An amount that far exceeds the 400 million registered in all of 2022.

This strong increase is also reflected in the data from the Bank of Spain. According to the latest available data, corresponding to the end of 2022, households had 1,826 million euros in Treasury billsalmost double the 950 million registered in November.

In January 2022, Spanish households only had 16 million euros in bills, although at that time, the profitability they offered was negative. The last time that Spain placed bills at six and twelve months was on February 7. At that time, the marginal return on bills at six months it was 2.693%, and those at twelve months, 2.839%.

After Tuesday’s bid, the body will carry out another of letters to three and nine months on March 14, and on the 16th, it will once again offer investors bonds and obligations. Till the date, Spain has already captured more than 25% of its financing program in the medium and long term by 2023.

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