The Public Treasury launches a new auction three weeks after its last issue


New opportunity for investors, increasingly interested in what the Public treasure Spanish can offer you. On this occasion, the organization returns this week to the market and will do so with two debt auctionsone for bills at six and twelve months, and another for government bonds and obligations, after three weeks in which Spain has not entered into any operation.

The last time that Spain appealed to the market was on March 16, and on that occasion the Treasury sold 6,298 million euros in three different denominations of State obligations, among them, ten-year debt, whose marginal interest fell.

And this, after the profitability of sovereign debt throughout Europe fell after the intervention of the US banks Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and the crisis of the Swiss Credit Suisse, which caused investors to flee the rental market variable.

one of the values refuge was fixed income. Thus, the high demand for these titles caused a rise in prices and a drop in profitability. Likewise, this bid coincided with a rise in rates by the European Central Bank (ECB), of 50 basis points.

Treasury rush continues

The first auction to be held by the Treasury this week it will be Tuesday and in it will be placed letters at six and twelve months, and the second, Thursdayof bonds and debentures.

In the last auction of bills, held on March 14, the demand for these titles by investors, many of them individuals, was almost four times higher than the awarded amount.

Individuals have increased in recent months his interest in Treasury bills before a profitability that exceeds that of other financial products such as bank deposits.

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