The price of new cars rises 40% in the last five years


The price of new cars has risen by 40% on average in the last five years, compared to an accumulated CPI of 15.3% in the same period, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). In addition, it warns that the activation of low emission zones (ZBE) in cities will force replace users of their old car without an environmental label of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) for another that does carry it.

That is why, he considers that it would be good expand the Moves 3 Plan, for the acquisition of electrified vehicles, to second-hand cars with the Eco or Zero Emissions label. He also believes that the idea of ​​expanding it to non-plug-in hybrids should be considered, since they are usually cheaper, less polluting and there is a greater supply in the used car market.

Currently, the aid is 4,500 euros for electric cars (7,000 euros if a vehicle over 7 years old is delivered in exchange for scrapping) and 2,500 euros for plug-in hybrids (5,000 euros if a vehicle over 7 years old is delivered in exchange for scrapping).

Care for the environment and low pollution

In addition, the OCU asks the municipalities with ZBE to provide at least three entries a year for drivers with an unlabeled car of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). It maintains its request to the Government to modify the current DGT environmental label system, so that it prioritizes real emissions over engine technology.

According to this organization, this measure would have a environmental impact very limited and, in exchange, it would facilitate entry for residents in case of emergency (for example, to go to the hospital), in addition to allowing tourists who sporadically visit the city to pass through.

In addition, he explains that most of the new vehicles that pollute less than heavy-duty and large-displacement plug-in hybrids, and that many semi-hybrids, in which the thermal engine acts as the main drive and have an electric motor that assists the other when needed .

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