The price of insurance for the electric scooter varies between 20 and 90 euros per year


Despite the fact that its obligation depends on each municipality, insurers recommend having an insurance policy for electric scooters, whose average price in Spain is around 20 euros per year for the most basic ones and around 90 euros per year. for the “most complete” insurance, according to the Rastreator comparator.

“Basic insurance includes cnecessary overtures to be protected, such as civil liability, roadside assistance and even in some cases legal protection. On the other hand, the most comprehensive policies include all kinds of guarantees such as medical expensestheft, damage to the scooter or hospitalization subsidy”, explained the head of Rastreator’s insurance companies, Víctor López.

Likewise, it has indicated that in the case of other personal mobility vehicles such as ‘scooters’ or ‘segways’ You can also contract complete insurance with an average price of around 130 euros per year and with coverage related to, for example, vehicle fire and associated expenses, as well as death or disability resulting from an accident.

Regarding the obligation on the part of users of electric scooters to take out insurance, Rastreator has explained that depends on the municipalitysince the driving requirements with this type of vehicle vary according to local regulations.

For example, helmet use is mandatory in Córdoba, while in other municipalities it is optional, the company has pointed out, which has also pointed out that the same occurs with the minimum driving age this type of vehicle, which in some cases is 15 years old and in others 16, or with the use of reflective elements.

“Although the city councils and municipalities are in charge of a large part of the regulations on the use of electric scooters, there are also certain general regulations that must be complied with. In fact, the circulation certificate It must be carried by any user who has an electric scooter from 2024. This document must include the approval of the European Union, the technical sheet and the details of the vehicle manufacturer”, López clarified.

In fact, according to Rastreator’s ‘Study on personal mobility vehicles’, 53% of Spaniards do not know if it is mandatory or not take out a policy for electric scooters.

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