The PP will deflate the personal income tax for medium and low incomes with retroactivity for all of 2023


The economic manager of the Popular Party, john bravohas assured this Thursday that the deflation of the personal income tax rate for medium and low incomes would be carried out as soon as they reach the Governmentretroactively, with effect as of January 1, 2023. In this way, the measure would affect immediately via withholdings.

In an interview with Cadena Cope, the deputy secretary of Economy of the popular has reviewed the main points where economic policy will focus from the proposal of its formation: taxation oriented to savings, investment and employment; eliminate superfluous spending; simplification of administrative obstacles and reform of the administration; improvement of the execution of European funds, the need for competitiveness and employment

Bravo has ensured that Genoa’s economic program is “very advanced” after recalling that since the arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijóo “he has presented economic and energy plans, proposals for inflation and mortgages, all of them rejected or not answered by the Government”,

Question the lack of common criteria in Moncloa

In this line, Bravo has influenced the lack of common criteria in the coalition government on the economic situation of the country, recalling that President Pedro Sánchez affirms that the economy “is going like a motorcycle” while Vice President Yolanda Díaz considers that people “are having a bad time”. “Not even within the Government do they have an idea of ​​how the economy is going,” she has pointed out.

Do families pay more or less for the shopping basket, for mortgages, for electricity, has purchasing power gone up or down?“, he questioned, to later add that “if we add runaway debt and uncontrolled deficit to that, the situation is not to brag, it is to be worried.”

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