The PP rejects the pension agreement by including a “plus tax” on work


The Deputy Secretary of Economy of the Popular Party, Juan Bravo, has considered this Friday, regarding the information about the pension reform, that “it doesn’t seem like it’s the formula” which can be deduced from the content disseminated, after pointing out that “it seems that an increase in prices is being proposed”, a decision that has been described as as “one more tax on work”.

In statements to the media in Seville, where he participated in a pre-campaign act together with this party’s candidate for mayor of the capital, José Luis Sanz, Bravo has maintained that “it is just the opposite” the path that should be followed undertake to reform pensions, after assuring that “we are not very competitive and we have the highest prices of the OECD average“.

The national leader of the PP has emphasized the way to make “an internal agreement of the Government” known, of which he has remarked that “he does not know the employers, the unions, and I do not want to tell you about the opposition, that they have not told us anything transferred”.

Brussels rejection

Bravo has remembered the rejection received by the Government of Brussels about the four proposals that he sent him, so that “he has told us that as of December 31 the conditions were not being met” and that “What has been ordered does not ensure the sustainability of pensions”before also reproaching the Government for “assuming the increase in pensions according to the CPI”, an aspiration of which he has indicated that “the Pact of Toledo was voted on and all the formations agreed”.

After claiming that under a PP government between 2013 and 2018 the European Commission “did not have to ask about pensions because there was no doubt“, to which he has added that “in no case were they frozen” and that “Sánchez voted in favor of that freezing” adopted by a socialist government, Bravo has claimed that “the Government must bring order”, after assuring that it is “collapsedwithout the capacity to respond” and make him ugly that “he has not called the opposition and does not even have an agreement with the employers and the unions”.

Questioned by the statements by the UGT Secretary General, Pepe Álvarez, about the loss of unemployment benefits in the event that a worker consecutively rejects a job, the PP Deputy Secretary of Economy has assured that “this is already included in the norm, it is not something new”, for which he has pointed out that “there is no need to criticize it”, while he has assured that “I thank him for the message he has sent” on scrapping “the concept of subsidizing”when what “has to be done is to find work for the people”.

After revealing that there are 3.3 million unemployed and finding out that the discontinuous fixed lines “were really made up”, Bravo has maintained that the last objective of the Government It should not be a welfare package“and yes, marry the opportunities for people to have a job.

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