The PP boasts that Feijóo is “sensitive to the Catalan differential fact” and the PSOE accuses them of “sowing fear” with a referendum



Catalonia refocuses the political struggle between the two majority parties

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Catalonia has once again placed itself at the epicenter of the political struggle between the two majority parties. In the PP they maintain that more and more people see their president, Alberto Nez Feijo, as a leader “tremendously sensitive to the Catalan differential fact”, compared to Pedro Sánchez, whom they accuse of being “at the service of the independence movement”, while in the PSOE censure that the main opposition group tries to “sow fear” by predicting that there will be a referendum.

The Deputy Secretary for Territorial Organization of the Genoa headquarters, miguel tellado, has resorted this Sunday to an expression coined at the end of the 20s of the last century by the politician Francisco Carb and closely linked to nationalism to try to exemplify that its leader “works to unite society and not to divide it as some have tried over the last few years.” To this they attribute the “significant rise” in voting intentions that its acronym has registered both in said community and in the rest of Spain.

“I think that the Catalan citizens see in Alberto Núñez Feijo a ruler of a historical territory such as Galicia who has known how to govern for everyone, who has his own culture, his own language, his own identity and who is part of Spain just like Catalonia” Tellado declared in an interview with Europa Press. To which he has added: “I think that this sensitivity towards the differential facts of Catalonia is perfectly recognized by an immense majority of Catalans, who see in Alberto Núñez Feijo a ruler for Spain who is going to be tremendously sensitive to the Catalan differential fact”.

The Galician senator of the Popular Group has also accused the chief executive of “feeding the independence movement” and has attributed it to the fact that “he needs it to survive politically” and “continue being president.” “Pedro Snchez needs his party to do well, the extreme left to do well and the Catalan and Basque independence movement to do well because the government depends on them,” he said.

On this point, he pointed out that Sánchez “dedicates himself both in Catalonia and in the Basque Country to dividing, confronting and polarizing society” while the PP defends “exactly the opposite” by understanding that a ruler must focus on “uniting the society it wants to serve” instead of “pitting some Catalans against each other.

“The PSOE has made that mistake since 2017 and that is why we are in the situation we are in. We have a project throughout Spain to unite Spanish society, also Catalan society,” he declared, adding that Feijo’s objective is to “overcome the division and build a peaceful society that advances with the country as a whole.”


For his part, the Minister of the Presidency has tried to discredit the PP leader by predicting that in 2024 there will be a referendum in Catalonia if Sánchez continues to lead La Moncloa. “The same person who spoke of a black autumn to end 2022, the same person who said that the Iberian solution that has reduced inflation in Spain by five points in five months was the Iberian scam, the same person who continually predicts all kinds of disasters.” for our country now he is trying to sow fear in the Spanish population with predictions and all kinds of prophecies that will not come true either, that will not go anywhere either,” Flix Bolaos assured.

According to what the de facto political vice president said in an appearance from the PSOE headquarters, the main opposition party and its leader “cannot base their discourse on reality, in the Spain of 2023, which is advancing economically, in employment and in rights.” “: “They have to base their speech on predictions that will not come true, on falsehoods and on disastrous omens that will never happen. And that is a problem for the PP, for Mr. Feijo and for Spain, which deserves a better opposition.”

“While the Government is working so that Spain continues with record economic growth figures, with job creation figures well above the last decades, the PP is increasingly looking more like Pierre Nodoyunawanting things to go wrong instead of helping with agreements, bringing the man closer, so that things in our country go better”, Bolaos added, referring to the cartoons in which the protagonist always failed in his plans.

For this reason, the Minister of the Presidency has recommended to the president of the popular “an exercise in accepting reality” so that “he is aware that his desires are different, but that the reality is that Spain grows at 5%, that it creates half a million jobs in 2022 and that has reduced inflation by five points in five months”.

“2022 is the year in which Feijo has disappointed us all, locals and strangers. Whoever came to provide the PP with a solvent leadership shows its shortcomings every day, whoever came to comply with the Constitution fails to comply every day with the same excuses As always, whoever came to the PP to reach agreements has only reached one and was not able to sign it because the most extreme elements of the Spanish right twisted his arm”, he added, referring to the negotiations for the renewal of the General Council of the Power of attorney.

For this reason, Bolaos has wondered if the president of the PP will reach the end of 2023 holding this position: “Those who rule on the right will keep him or, on the contrary, once they have verified that he does not measure up, they will show him the window how did they do the lord [Pablo] Married?”.

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