The PP believes that the departure of Ferrovial is a symptom of what is happening in Spain


The change of Ferrovial’s headquarters to the Netherlands has raised numerous blisters in the coalition government, most ministers have criticized the decision of Rafael del Pino’s company. On the other hand, from the main opposition party they consider that the company’s decision “is a symptom of what is happening in this country”, as stated this Saturday by the Institutional Secretary of the PP, Esteban González Pons.

González Pons, in statements to the media before participating in a demonstration against the reform of the Citizen Security Law, recalled that when the companies left Catalonia due to the approval of the unilateral declaration of independence, “everyone considered it a symptom of a damaging political situation.”

In the case of Ferrovial, he has indicated that he would like to “focus on it, not so much from the persecution of a certain person or from the demonization of businessmen”but as “a symptom”and added that “the fact that Ferrovial is leaving is a symptom of what is happening in this country”.

Pons alludes to “favors” from the State Prosecutor’s Office

Before participating in the event, the PP’s Institutional Secretary also said that the man known as “Tito Berni”, -the former socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo-, is receiving favors from the State Attorney General’s Officewhich are astonishing and indecent”.

González Pons has pointed out that the PP finds it “incomprehensible” that the Prosecutor’s Office request prison for the retired general of the Civil Guard Francisco Espinosa, implicated in the Mediator case, but not “for the politician involved”.

“It seems as if there was an instruction to prevent Tito Berni from singing”added González Pons, who has indicated that we still do not know how “the PSOE found out that this secret summary was being processed and was able to react before public opinion had the slightest news.”

has also asked the “immediate” resignation of the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, because “the news that have been released about the corruption that her husband and his brothers-in-law may have incurred disqualify her from acting as director of the civil guards in Spain.” In addition, she has stated that “the opposition of the State Attorney General’s Office to the registration of Tito Berni’s office in the Congress of Deputies is not only strange, it is suspicious.”

He has indicated that in the European Parliament, where he is an MEP, he saw how, as a consequence of the so-called “Qatargate” -the corruption scandal in which the former vice president of the EP and socialist MEP Eva Kaili was implicated-, the president of the European Parliament, the popular Roberta Metsola, had no objection to having the offices of MEPs searched.

That’s why, see “incomprehensible” that the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxel Batet, “has opposed the fact that the Police can search the office of a member of your group” (Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo’s), “and that the Prosecutor’s Office has not requested it, is more than suspicious.” González Pons has said that “one day we will have to investigate the action that the Prosecutor’s Office has adopted in favor of the Government and the PSOE” in this corruption case.

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