The PP assures the failure of the Government’s policy after the words of Montero


The Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, He commented last Sunday that the money received from pensions is “the best distributed salary for families.” Furthermore, he went on to say that “grandparents don’t want pensions for themselves”but in reality these remunerations are used to help their families in the home spendssuch as the purchase from the supermarket or the electricity bills.

Cuca Gamarra, the spokesperson for the PP in Congress, assures that these statements by the Minister of Finance about the fact that pensions help children and grandchildren and not to the actual beneficiaries of the State remuneration, demonstrate the “failure of the Government’s economic policy”.

According to these statements, Gamarra assures that “something is failing” when a minister of the Government and more belonging to the economic field, conceives the pension as an instrument solely for the protection of families. “It is the failure of the Government’s economic policy recognized by the Minister of Finance herself”Cuca Gamarra has emphasized.

About the new Imserso tender

In another order of affairs, Gamarra considers “Good news” the decision of the Ministry of Social Rights to launch a new Imserso tender for the new season, which includes price increases, more than 70,000 new places and in all the provinces of Spain.

In addition, Gamarra has valued the role of Imserso to “maintain employment and tourist activity in periods of low seasonality”. He has also regretted that, together with the pandemic, the energy crisis and inflation is currently affecting the users of the program.

On the act, the PP spokesperson has valued that the day has “all areas and sectors involved in Imserso, the elderly, tourism operators and employers, as well as local administrations. “We want to listen to the different sectors to see what perspectives they have on the new tender,” he added.

ICTE, prudent with the new program

Regarding the new programme, the president of the Spanish Association of Spas and President of the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), Miguel Mirones, has been “prudent”: “Until you see the specifications and the composition of the new contracts of social tourism, I dare not say whether it will be a definitive solution to the problems of the sector”.

In his intervention at the first round table, he wanted to highlight two values ​​that must be present in the program and they are “quality and accessibility”. Thus, he has emphasized that “Quality is very defined in the sector, while accessibility is in the genes of the tourism sector and has involved huge investment efforts”.

On the other hand, he has valued the role of social thermalism “by guaranteeing treatments that are included in the category of social security in other countries.” In this sense, Mirones has asked that in the therapeutic field it is necessary to go deeper with the health system. “Spas provide services beyond the beneficiaries of the program”has highlighted.

“Imserso circuits as a dynamic lever for our destinations, necessary improvements”

The first table, called “Imserso circuits as a dynamic lever for our destinations: necessary improvements”, has had the participation of Miguel Mirones; the general secretary of Hosbec, Nuria Montes; the president of the National Democratic Union of Pensioners and Retirees of Spain (UDP), Inma Ruiz Martin; and the mayor of Lanjarón, Eric Escobedo; and as moderator, the GPP deputy, Agustín Almodóbar.

Before the new government decision, the PSOE and Unidas Podemos rejected a Non-Legal Proposal (PNL) presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group, led by its Tourism spokesman, Agustín Almodóbar, to improve the Imserso program. Specifically, the initiative did not go ahead with the following vote: 17 votes against (PSOE and Podemos) and 15 in favor (PP, C’s, Vox and Foro Asturias).

The ‘popular’ deputy demanded that the last extension of the Imserso program not be carried out, since it would mean “the ruin of the sector and the absolute devaluation of the product of the largest Spaniards that has been so successful in previous years.” “Belarra’s incompetence and Maroto’s lack of leadership harm the tourism sector and thousands of older people”critical.

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