The obligations that the unemployed must meet to continue receiving the subsidy for people over 52 years of age


Be in unemployment situation This is bad news, and even more so for those who have passed the 50-year-old barrier. Hence, it is especially important subsidies from which this sector of the population can benefit, who find it difficult to rejoin the labor market. This is the case of the social benefit who manages the Public State Employment Service (SEPE)which is aimed at those over 52 years of age who have lost their job and whose amount has increased in 2023, after the increase in the IPREM approved by the Government of Spain at the end of 2022: it has gone from 463.21 euros per month, to 480 euros. But those who are beneficiaries of this aid must fulfill a series of obligations if they want to continue collecting it.

One of the peculiarities of this service is that it is the only one that can be collected up to statutory retirement age, if you have not found a job before. Besides, quote for the pensioneven if it is not for the minimum base and, for its approval, it does not take into account the income of other members of the cohabitation unit, such as the spouse and children, if not only those of the interested party.

Despite the fact that the body dependent on the Ministry of Labor and Social Economylead by Yolanda Diazestablishes several requirements, two of the main ones are to be 52 years of age or older, and to have accumulated the minimum number of contributions legally required throughout one’s working life to receive a contributory pensionbut who cannot access it because they are not of the necessary age.

What obligations must be met to collect the subsidy

When they sign the application form of the subsidy for those over 52 years of age, the unemployed undertake to respect ten obligations and commitments, which are detailed in the SEPE website:

  • sign up as jobseekersmaintain registration and meet the requirements of the activity commitment.
  • Actively seek employment and participate in actions that increase the possibilities of employment, and that must be indicated by the SEPE, within an insertion itinerary.
  • Quote for the corresponding contribution to the unemployment contingency.
  • Provide the documentation and information established by law for the recognition, suspension, extinction or resumption of the right to benefits. In turn, it is necessary to notify the regional public employment services and the SEPE of the address where you wish to receive the notifications, and the address changein case it occurs.
  • Participate in the social collaboration worksemployment programs or actions for promotion, training or professional reconversion, established by the public employment services or placement agencies.
  • Renew the demand for employment in the form and dates indicated in the renewal document. If you have been summoned previously, appear before the SEPE, the regional public employment services or employment agencies.
  • Request withdrawal of unemployment benefits because situations arise that give rise to their suspension or extinction, or because they no longer meet the requirements to continue receiving them.
  • return the improperly paid amounts by SEPE.
  • Within a period of five days, return to the public employment services, or to the placement agencies, the proof of having appeared in the place and on the date indicated for fill the job offer that you have been offered.
  • Beneficiaries must present the annual statement of your income together with the corresponding documentation.

What sanctions can SEPE impose?

During the time the subsidy is collected, the beneficiary must report to the SEPE, as well as comply with the requirements to which it was committed at the beginning, such as the lack of income, extraordinary income or job placement. In addition, you must respect the ‘activity commitment’ which is signed in the application form, and which is based on the obligation to seek employment and be available when called for any other activity.

The SEPE warns that those who fail to comply with these conditions expose themselves to possible sanctionsfor example, by falsify the data to fraudulently achieve grant approval. This would be considered a very serious offenseand would mean the loss and possible exclusion of the right to receive any financial benefit for a period of time.

Likewise, in the first 30 days Once the aid is received, you can participate voluntarily in the actions to improve employment possibilities that correspond to their usual profession or their training skills, depending on what is established in the insertion itinerary. Do not participate does not carry a penalty.

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